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How to Fix Blurry Pictures on Instagram? [4 Methods]hi everyone Dan here and welcome toanother vid

Wondershare Repairit

Updated on Jan 24,2023

How to Fix Blurry Pictures on Instagram? [4 Methods]

hi everyone Dan here and welcome toanother video by Wondershare Repairit,a one-stop solution for fixingdamaged or corrupted videos and photos,in today's video I'll help you fix one of themost common problems people face when uploading,to Instagram blurry photos so if your photos areturning out blurry or losing a lot of quality when,you're uploading them to Instagram then thisis the video for you before we get started,make sure to give this video a like subscribeto one to share a parrot if you aren't already,and hit that bell icon for more videos just likethis also let us know in the comment section,down below if you've got any other technicalproblems when it comes to your videos and photos,okay let's get started why do your photosturn out blurry or lose quality when uploading,to instagram it's a frustrating issue butwe've got a few solutions that you can try,to upload crisp high-quality images to Instagramwe first have to understand why images become,blurry in the first place the first cause is anoversized photo file when it comes to Instagram,file size is really important the actual uploadprocess will be the same no matter how big your,image file is but Instagram automaticallycompresses images that are larger than one,megabyte which can result in hazy or blurry imagesfor this reason it's always best to upload photos,that are less than one megabyte the second causeis using the wrong aspect ratio when you upload,an image to instagram with the incorrect aspectratio instagram will automatically compress and,crop the image which again can result in blurryphotos for this reason it's always best to use,the correct aspect ratio which is 4x5 or 4x4number three is uploading an improper file format,Instagram accepts jpegs by default but if youupload a different image file it will convert your,image to jpeg before uploading and this processcan reduce your image quality next you might be,uploading from the wrong device although Instagramis primarily a mobile-based application it can be,used on other devices such as desktops laptopsand tablets but because Instagram is primarily,mobile based uploading from those other devicescan damage your image quality because of this,it's always best to post your photos directly fromthe Instagram app on your phone so with all those,points in mind what Instagram settings and camerasettings can we change to prevent blurry photos,one way to fix blurry photos in instagram is bytweaking the settings and turning off the data,saving feature to do this open the Instagram appand tap on the profile icon in the bottom right,corner on your profile page touch on the threehorizontal lines in the top right hand corner,and choose settings there willbe a few different options here,you'll want to choose account and theneither cellular data settings on android,or data usage on iphone for android make surethat data saver is turned off and for iphone,make sure that use less mobile data is turnedoff and high-quality uploads is turned on,hopefully that solves the problem but if notit's time to take a look at the device settings,another way to avoid blurry orpoor quality photos on instagram,is by improving the camera quality of yourdevice firstly open the camera settings on,your phone and make sure hdr is turned on onandroid devices this is called ultrashot hdr,if your device allows you to select picture sizechoose the largest size available for the best,quality because Instagram compresses all imagesabove one megabyte a great way to ensure good,quality uploads is by using the camera featurebuilt into the instagram app just swipe left,from the home screen on Instagram and you'll findseveral options like story reel and post select,the post option click on the camera icon andyou'll be able to take a photo to post to your,profile that's the third way to avoid blurryphotos on Instagram but there might be times,where you need a tool to help you fix a blurryimage file and we've got just the tool for you,here's an easy way to fix those blurry picturesWondershare Repairit has a photo repair function,that can repair jpeg cr3 cr2 nef nrw raf dngarw and gpr photos to their original state,and the long list of repair options can helpyou fix a wide range of corruption problems,repair it works on both mac and windows and canintelligently repair images from hard drives,flash drives usb memory sticks sd cards digitalcameras phones and more let me show you how,to repair photos with the help of Wondershare Repairit to repair a blurry or hazy image open,Wondershare Repairit click on photo repair andpress add import the photos you wish to repair and,click on repair to start the process a progressindicator will show in the left-hand corner of,the screen make sure that you don't close theapplication while the repairing is in process,aft

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How to Fix Blurry Instagram Stories (iPhone + Android)

How to Fix Blurry Instagram Stories (iPhone + Android)

hi everyone welcome back,is your instagram story photo or video,bad quality after you upload it,instagram stories can become blurry on,iphones and on android so i'll be,sharing with you 10 tricks you can try,to fix this issue but first let's take a,look at why your instagram stories may,be blurry it could be because of one or,more of these issues you either recently,backed up your phone so some of your,photos and videos might not have backed,up properly and are corrupted there's a,problem with your internet connection,your phone may automatically take higher,resolution photos and instagram props or,lowers it your instagram version could,have an issue or you may need to change,your instagram photo and video quality,settings,with that covered let's move on to the,tricks trick number one is to try,sending the photo you want to post on,your instagram story to a friend as a,private message,ask if they see good or bad quality if,they see good quality then it might not,be your phone's fault but if they do see,bad quality then it might be an issue,with your phone,trick number two is to update the,instagram app sometimes instagram does a,new update that changes the quality of,instagram stories so go in your app,store or google play store app search,for instagram and check if there is an,update button you can press,after the update post in your instagram,story again and check if the quality is,better,if it's still not try trick number three,test a new photo or video this trick is,for you if you recently backed up your,phone sometimes a backup can change or,corrupt your photos and videos so let's,check if that's the issue take a new,photo or video and post it on your,instagram story if it is good quality it,means your old photos and videos have,been corrupted and they will always look,blurry but you can try trick number 11.,if it's still bad quality go to trick,number four use your mobile data only,this is one of the most common reasons,why instagram stories look blurry it,happens to me so many times and when it,happens there's only one solution use,your phone's mobile data not your wi-fi,turn off your wi-fi and make sure you,are using mobile data only since it,usually has a more stable internet,connection now post on your instagram,story and if you see good quality,congrats you found the solution if it's,still bad quality go to trick number,five adjust your camera settings,on an iphone open your settings app and,find camera adjust camera quality and,turn on smart dhr on an android open the,default camera app on your phone and,press on the settings icon adjust the,picture and video size to the highest,quality,or you can also try this other iphone,trick trick number six is to take photos,using the 16 to 9 ratio option,open your camera and tap on the arrow,above tap 4 3 then tap 16 9 and you're,set now trick number seven is to turn,off data saver in the instagram settings,instagram usually automatically turns,off your mobile data usage which makes,your phones and videos take longer to,upload on instagram making your,instagram stories look blurry so do this,open your instagram settings,choose account,then data usage,and turn off use less mobile data if you,see good quality awesome you fix the,issue if it's still bad quality go to,trick number eight this trick is to turn,on the high quality upload settings on,instagram turn this on and it'll help,instagram upload higher resolution,photos and videos,if your stories are still bad quality,try trick number nine use the instagram,camera using the camera directly from,instagram means you're taking photos and,videos that are exactly the official,instagram story size which is 1080 by,1920. this size will not crop or stretch,your instagram stories so your photo or,video will be instagram ready,and lastly trick number 10 is to upload,your stories and preview app use preview,app if your photos or videos have been,damaged after a backup or you want to,post with instagram's requirements,here's what to do press on the instagram,story button,press on the plus button and upload a,photo or video it'll appear in preview,and you can choose to post it now or,later to post from preview to instagram,press on the story you want to post,press on the share button and choose,story to direct you to instagram stories,and that's it i hope one of these tricks,will work for you to fix your blurry,instagram stories if one did please let,us know which one in the comments below,to help other people and if you know any,other tricks at work please share that,too,you can find more instagram news,strategies and tricks on our instagram,page have lots of fun posting and until,next time everyone

How do you fix a blurry picture on Instagram?

How do you fix a blurry picture on Instagram?

take,our lead let's help you make your mark,our goal is your satisfaction let us,show you the way,try this open profile open settings,select advanced features and disable,high quality image processing and try,re-uploading it,if you are using iphone it may be that,your phone setting is actually creating,only thumbnails,not high quality mark your photo as a,favorite and try uploading again,take our lead instagram can often reduce,the quality of your images during,uploads for a wide number of reasons,but if you're looking to maintain,quality then you should look to upload a,high quality,compressed jpeg file max resolution,1080x1350px,directly from your mobile or tablet to,avoid any further compression by,take our lead adjust the camera settings,on the phone,open the default camera app on your,phone tap the settings,gear icon it's usually on the top left,corner of the screen,adjust the picture size to the highest,quality,do the same for the video quality,make your mark take our lead,there are two reasons that your photos,look blurry on instagram,if your aspect ratio isn't correct then,instagram will crop it and compress your,image,if your file size is over one megabyte,then again,instagram will compress it,let's help you make your mark,try to reduce file size file size plays,a huge role in image compression,so the bigger the file the more the,image is compressed,export from vsco cam i found where if a,photo taken by your dslr camera is,exported from the vscocam app,it tends to hold its best quality,resizing and cropping,high pass filter,make your mark take our lead,download the most recent version of the,instagram app,upload a photo with a width of at least,1080 pixels with an,aspect ratio between 1.91,1 and 4 to 5. make sure you're using a,phone with a high quality camera as,different phones have cameras of varying,qualities,thank you for watching please subscribe,and hit the bell notification

Why your INSTAGRAM Photos Look awful (and how to make them SHARP & CRISPY!)

Why your INSTAGRAM Photos Look awful (and how to make them SHARP & CRISPY!)

you know i was reading the comments in,the last video the tutorial we did for,after effects and everyone was very,excited to see a tutorial again they're,like pizza at the desk pete's back doing,tutorials,did you miss that would you like to see,more of that,i love teaching i've i've got lots to do,we have lots to teach let me know let me,if you'd like if you want to see more,tutorials and like i just i wanted to,give you variety i don't want to chain,to the desk right i thought you'd get,bored of that but i mean let me know hit,me up let's have a conversation,one of the questions i get asked all the,time is how do you get such crispy,looking photos on instagram now i don't,mean that as in how are your photos so,excellent how are you such a fantastic,photographer how are your shots so fire,quite literally how do you get sharp,images how are your photos not being,compressed by the trash by the hot hot,trash that is instagram in 2022 let's be,honest i've always been a little,perplexed to that question because i,don't really do anything out of the,ordinary i don't really do anything,weird or special or unique there's no,secret sauce that pm uses to get sharp,shots so officially this is peter,mckinnon's hot tips for exporting photos,and videos to the hot trash that is,instagram one of the first things i do,is i always size the photo in lightroom,four by five now this is a lot easier if,you're shooting vertical already you,just go up to the drop down and select,4x5 and it's done for you but recently,in talking with friends brimhall,actually in one of those videos was,saying always shoot horizontal because,that aspect ratio is far more useful,than just ending up with a library full,of verticals and if you want to crop it,into a vertical you still can do that,you're going to go up here to the crop,tool and now you've got a 4x5 out of,your horizontal because you can always,use a horizontal for prints and framing,and desktop backgrounds or whatever,banners website whereas when you have a,vertical shot you want to make a,thumbnail you want to make something for,youtube or social media you just can't,you're stuck with the vertical so either,do both or if you had to choose,horizontal then make it vertical after,now i'm shooting raw already so that's,your first tip is shoot raw when i'm,done shooting and i'm down my edits,literally i click export i select,nothing i keep it on jpeg 100,dimensions are full size i don't click,any more drop downs at all i just hit,export and i save it to my desktop this,is where,maybe people might lose quality from,that point i airdrop it to my phone i,use mac so that is one of the greatest,features apple's ever made so if you,have a file on your desktop you just,right click select share airdrop and,then your phone's gonna pop up you click,your phone and it's instantly on your,camera roll from there i put it on,instagram like anyone else would now,that is literally all i am doing to get,the quality of photos that i have on my,account on instagram that is it that's,the whole process now before we go any,further let me just address the elephant,in the room because i know you're,thinking it you're thinking to yourself,pete that is a fire jacket that red,really pops off the background,and i could not agree more this is a,bomber jacket from cut clothing the,sponsor of this video cuts will ensure,that when you post crispy bangers to,instagram of their clothing they are in,the highest of resolution this is my,favorite thing from them it works over a,hoodie it works over a t-shirt it works,with nothing i won't show you those,photos hidden pockets secret pockets,everywhere the cuffs are just tasty,they're the right amount of give they're,not like so loose you just stick your,arm through and you're like that was,unsatisfying it's just like a little bit,of resistance and,your your arm is through it's just it,feels good it looks good it's rich in,color and it looks great in videos i,thought to myself i'll wear my red,bomber because it'll pop on the video,and i know you were thinking about it,you might be saying no i wasn't thinking,about it you were thinking about it,there was a second where you thought,that's a nice color it's called cabernet,i think i might pour myself a little bit,of that right after this event probably,won't because it's like 11 30 a.m,when in rome now it's not just bomber,jackets if you're looking to pick up,some new hoodies t-shirts they get some,nice new waffle shirts is that what you,call them waffle shirts there's so many,different names of shirts and i love the,fact that there's no branding really on,any of it that's key a tiny little x at,the bottom and that's cool i just,tattooed an x on my palm hell we could,say i just tattooed the cuts logo on my,palm does that give me lifetime clothing,i mean i branded myself so for discount,on cuts clothing hit the link in the,description below fantastic company,great people doing great things that's,always my favorite mix that is withou

Why are My Pictures Blurry on Facebook & Instagram After Designing in Canva - and How to Fix it

Why are My Pictures Blurry on Facebook & Instagram After Designing in Canva - and How to Fix it

hey there it's Brianna with wellness,stock shop and I want to just jump in,and address an issue that I am seeing,and hearing a lot of and that is are,your photos actually turning out a,little bit blurry or fuzzy when you post,them on social media maybe they look,really crisp and clear until you post,them there and just can't figure out,what's going on so there is typically an,issue with the sizing when this happens,and I'm just going to jump over and show,you an example so here can you see the,difference in these two images these are,professional photos taken from wellness,talk shop and the original image is,totally crisp and clear and these are,two different posts that I made on,Facebook and if you look at this left,look the one on the left you'll see it's,really fuzzy and blurry it really does,not look crisp at all and the one on the,right looks a lot more crisp and clear,so there are two different things to,consider with the sizing that you're,posting one is what is the size of the,actual image that you're posting and the,other is what is the size of the design,that you're creating so if you're just,taking a photo and posting it you need,to know the size of the photo but if,you're actually using that photo in a,design perhaps in canva then you need to,consider what's the size of the photo,and what is the size of that design that,you're creating so let's go ahead and,jump over and I want to show you a tool,to start out so there's going to be a,few things that I'm going to show you,some tips here so first we are in the,walnut stock SHOP photo store and you,may have seen me point this out before,but if you go down to FAQ and then you,see how do I know which file size is,best to download if you click on that,you'll see at the bottom there's a,little,option for a social media sizing guide,this is so essential to know these sizes,that are correct to post on social media,now so this was all updated for 2016 so,Facebook and Instagram have changed,their sizes many times and after,Instagram was purchased by Facebook it,was changed again this year so this is a,quick reference guide that you can go,down so if you're going to go and post,an image on Facebook then you want to go,down here and check out what size is,best to use and this will pertain to the,actual photo use as well as the design,you create you have to keep this in mind,for both so say it's a shared image it,needs to be 1200 by 63 and if you go,down to Instagram it majorly changed it,used to be 800 in sum now it's 1080 by,1080 and this is especially essential to,know because if you use canva for your,designs you may actually just be using,this social media size which is a square,and you're just assumed oh well this is,for Instagram but look at the size 800,by 800 it's still the old size so what,we want to do is create a size template,specific to the size that's best on,Instagram so let's go ahead and do use,custom dimensions then we can say 1080,by 1080 make sure that you are doing,this if you are resizing your images,here in canva maybe you're creating a,meme or you know some sort of an,announcement make sure that you're using,1080 by 1080 you can always reject the,guide so if we hit design now we're all,set to go and we can choose an image to,use and I'll head over to wellness stock,shop and this is the next thing that you,need to know,if we're going to grab an image say of,food and um we want to use it on a 1080,by 1080 template we need to make sure,that the image also matches that size so,I already am signed in with my,membership you'll see that the small is,a 700 resolution that would have been,fine for the old sizes on Instagram but,it's not anymore because what's really,weird is Facebook and Instagram require,a larger size and then they shrink it,down it's totally confusing don't even,worry about that but it's really bizarre,you just need to just consider which,size they're requiring so if we go with,1600 resolution that will fit that'll be,more than enough for the 1080 by 1080 so,let's go ahead and download this and I,also want to download the small size,because I'm going to show you the,difference how this turns out so we've,got the 700 and we've got the 1600 so,let's go ahead back here it's the 1080,size so we're going to go upload and,let's upload the two different images so,here they are and so you'll see that I,have them they look the same so you,can't tell which size they are so what I,normally do is I will go and look at the,little eye button for information on it,and it doesn't allow you to do that,until you refresh the page so I'm going,to refresh the page go back to uploads,now I can see so that's number two,that's the second one we downloaded so,that's the small one this is the first,one we downloaded so this is the big one,so let's go ahead and use the big one,stretch it out to fit here make sure,we've got it all covered,okay now I'm just going to download it,as a JPEG so we've got that first one,so now I'm going to go ahead and hop,o

Why are my photos blurry on Instagram?

Why are my photos blurry on Instagram?

hey guys in social falcão here and today,we're gonna talk about using canva to,upload your photos and making sure that,your photos are nice and meets their to,correct pixels for each platform and,your photos don't come out looking all,blurry and JQ looking so first I'm gonna,upload my canva pro app and canva it's a,perfect platform to use that will help,you in creating your content for your,pages for your social media marketing we,always want to make sure that every,photo you upload is not blurry it's very,you know it's easy to read and it just,just looks good in camp is a perfect app,to help you if you're not too much into,graphics like myself but hey just need a,little help to just post and we'll have,something looking more professional,looking canvas perfect for that so I'm,gonna act like I'm gonna make a new post,and we're gonna show you guys how,exactly you can use canva to make sure,that your photos are uploaded with the,correct pixels we regard it regardless,of what platform you're using so you can,go to the down to the bottom right hand,corner press the plus sign and as you,can see the different sizes pop up for,Instagram it needs to be 1080 by 1080,pixels and so on and so forth Instagram,story it's a different pixel as you can,see up at the top but you can do pissed,hrus YouTube your Facebook Cover,Facebook and LinkedIn so on and so for,you can just keep going but for today's,purposes we can use the Instagram post,so or and I'm gonna show you another way,you can do that you can go to the search,and you can go up to Instagram post,and see you can pop up and look at it,from that angle as well so I'm gonna go,back normally I'm posting on Instagram,and then I may use a photo st. photo to,post on Facebook or vice versa,but always always always Instagram it,has to be 1080 by 1080 all the time so,let's say you took a picture but your,pictures that you took on your phone,it's not going to come out 1080 by 1080,it's not gonna be a perfect square right,so this is how if you want to post it on,Instagram this is how you make it a,perfect square so this is a photo I took,and and when I go to upload for,Instagram this is what I do you see I,just stretched it out I don't do it by,the long way just do it by the corner,just stretch it by the corner and then,you can play with it to see what you,want seen and Campbell will also help,you make sure that it's a perfect it's,perfectly in the middle so see so that's,all you would do on Instagram I wouldn't,worry so much about the edges that are,white because sometimes that also helps,create a good spacing when it comes to,on Instagram for your platform and,they'll hold the Instagram page it just,looks cleaner but if you just don't like,that you can definitely just save it and,then when you go back you can like edit,on your gallery app on your phone and,just crop it if you just don't like that,way I always keep it on there because I,like that the spacing and how it looks,on Instagram it just looks neater when,it's like a little space in between each,post so I hope that helped that was just,a really quick tutorial wanted to show,you guys how to make sure you have the,correct sizing when you are uploading,your photos on your social media,platforms,by

Stop Letting Instagram RUIN your content! Export Settings & Tips for The Best Quality Reels Upload

Stop Letting Instagram RUIN your content! Export Settings & Tips for The Best Quality Reels Upload

do your videos start out looking,fantastic when you make them and then,once you upload them to instagram reels,they end up looking like a pixelated,potato,you're not alone but luckily it doesn't,have to be that way in this video i'll,give you some tips that you may not,already know and my exact video export,settings that i've found to give the,best possible upload quality for,instagram a real quick disclaimer i am,in no way claiming that this will give,you more views more engagement or blow,up your followers but if you're anything,like me part of the reason that you use,instagram is to show off the quality,that you're capable of with the,filmmaking and photography skills and,all the fancy gear that you have so i'll,say no thank you to shooting and editing,on my phone all right now that we got,that out of the way secure the cup and,let's get into it,the first thing that you want to do to,make sure you're getting the best,quality uploads is to turn on high,quality uploads in the instagram app,yep there's a button for that and i'm,interested to know if you already knew,about it because i don't think that many,people do let me know down in the,comments whether you did or not to get,to the high quality uploads option we're,going to go down to our own feed page,we're going to click the drop down menu,in the top right and go to settings then,we're gonna click account data usage and,lo and behold there's a toggle switch,for high quality uploads at first i,thought that maybe this was just so it,wouldn't throttle the quality on,cellular data but below it it says,upload higher quality videos on cellular,or wi-fi which is the only two ways that,i can think of so basically it just,means all the time so right off the bat,that should improve your video upload,quality but there's more that we can do,the next tip is to absolutely never edit,anything directly in instagram i can't,tell you exactly why this happens for,certain but if i get two really nice,clean looking clips and i upload them,into the reels editor to put them,together that way instagram absolutely,wrecks them with compression whereas if,i edit those two clips together on my,computer or even in another mobile app,and export it as a single video then,instagram doesn't seem to ruin it and,the same goes for photos too i've tried,to upload a bunch of photos in a row,using the reels editor and it totally,obliterated the quality of them but if i,toss all those photos in a timeline on,my computer and export as a video it,looks great i'm not sure exactly what it,is about having to stitch together,videos or photos that makes instagram,put them all through the meat grinder,but i highly recommend making a single,video outside of the app and then,uploading it into reals really quick,here i want to tell you about something,that will make your life so much easier,when trying to repurpose parts of your,long-form videos into bite-sized content,for other platforms like tik-tok or,reels it's a tool called munch i've been,testing it out for a little while and it,is very cool here's how it works just,paste your youtube address of your video,pick your destination platform's aspect,ratio and duration and munch will,analyze your video for the most exciting,parts and create the clips for you it'll,choose a handful of options and give you,the ability to change how it deals with,the aspect ratio as well as the edits to,the start and end of the clips so if,you've been thinking lately about making,your long-form content do more for you,click the link in the description to try,it out for free today huge thank you to,munch for sponsoring this video the next,tip is to never add text captions,stickers filters or anything like that,in the instagram reels editor again my,assumption for why this happens is,because if you add anything visual onto,a video itself instagram has to create a,new version of the video and recompress,it to then display to your viewers,unfortunately i've heard some people,suggest that things like the built-in,captions poll stickers and quiz stickers,can help increase your reach by,suggesting direct engagement from your,followers but if image quality is your,main concern i would highly recommend,doing your captions and other on-screen,text in your editing software so that,it's baked into the video and then try,to get people to engage either in the,video itself or using your description,if you can't tell yet there's a bit of a,theme with these tips basically make,instagram do as little as possible and,that brings us to exporting using the,proper settings now in this specific,case proper means to give instagram,exactly what it's looking for so it,doesn't have to repackage the video at,all or very little instagram displays,reels at 1080 by 1920 vertical so that's,what we're going to want to upload if,you have a 4k file then instagram is,going to have to do the conversion down,to 1080 for you and by now we all know,how good instagram is at doing that part,of the job so even th

How to Fix Blurry Pictures on Facebook? [Solved Now! ]

How to Fix Blurry Pictures on Facebook? [Solved Now! ]

hello everyone i'm josiah and welcome,back to one industry repair which is a,fantastic video and photo tool that can,help you repair damaged or corrupted,videos and photos just for you,in today's video we're going to be,talking about how to fix blurry pictures,on facebook which is a common topic of,conversation right now this was never a,problem until recently when individuals,uploaded their images on facebook and,they were blurry the photo quality that,would show up on facebook did not match,the quality they took in the first place,so let's answer the question why are my,photos blurry on facebook and how can i,fix it but before we move on with this,don't forget to subscribe to our channel,and also hit that bell so you don't miss,out on any future notifications okay so,now coming back to the video why are my,photos blurry on facebook and this can,be especially aggravating when you're,trying to use that photo for a profile,picture first let's understand the,reasons why your facebook,image quality is poor when you try to,upload it,reason number one is upload the wrong,type of picture format people are,generally ignorant of the factors that,lead to a blurry picture especially when,posting them on facebook and facebook,supports the formats png and jpeg,and there could be chances of this,messing up reason number two facebook,pixel limitation the pixel limitation,which facebook uses and accepts is the,second main issue to why your your,photos are blurry and the restrictions,vary depending on the sort of images to,be posted the pixel limitation that you,will find on a cover photo will be,completely different from the profile,picture uh pixel limitation reason,number three facebook picture editing,did you know about this scale to fit,feature on facebook it's an editing,feature on this platform that either,expands or compresses the photo before,uploading well it is another cause for,blurry pictures on facebook reason,number four upload hd and settings,turned off the last reason for facebook,blurry pictures,is because you have turned off the,upload hd feature in your settings once,that's done you are set to go with some,amazing quality images well now we will,explain to you how to upload hd quality,images on facebook,to start off with let's know how to fix,these blurry pictures on facebook from,either android or apple method number,one is to change the picture settings on,android first let me show you how to fix,this on android through the settings of,facebook step one on the top right,corner of your facebook feed tap the,three horizontal lines or known as the,hamburger button and click on the,settings and privacy option step 2 there,you'll be led to the settings section of,your facebook mobile app choose the,media option in the settings step 3 the,screen will take you to a section where,you can update your video and photo,settings turn on the photo upload hd so,that every time you post a picture on,facebook it'll automatically be in hd,format only well this not only for the,android users but even the iphone users,ask why are my pictures blurry and,that's method number two change facebook,picture settings on ios android and,iphone have different operating systems,which explain why the interface can be,different in both even iphone users,experience the facebook blurring their,pictures whenever they try uploading,them anyone using iphone will be unable,to use the settings that we went over,with the android because they are,incompatible,so right now we're going to go over the,settings on how to fix this problem for,ios or iphone only step one at the,bottom right corner of your facebook,feed click on the three horizontal lines,or the hamburger button step two now,select the settings and the privacy,option and choose the settings menu,there you'll find the media option step,3 the screen will take you to a section,where you can update your video and,photo settings turn on the photo upload,hd so that every time you post a picture,on facebook it'll automatically be in,the hd format only that said you still,might need a lifesaver tool to help you,repair your photos and that's where we,can help you out which leads me to,method number three repair facebook,blurry pictures,on computer to fix all the blurry images,that you see on facebook well this is,what we have for you,wondershare repair photo repair tool can,help you repair photos such as jpeg jpg,cr3 cr2 nef and rw raf dng arw and all,these formats into the original state,the numerous options in this tool will,assist you repairing your corrupted,photos so how will you be able to repair,your photos through repair it well let's,go over that step one simply open the,application after it has been downloaded,and installed to fix any damaged images,when the tool is open go to the center,of the screen and click the add file,button this way you can add all the,pictures which need to be repaired step,2 after you successfully imported the,file into the tool simply click the,repair but

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