Use getting in a sentence (2023)


  • They are getting ready to start this very night.



  • Are the weeds getting a little high along the drive?



  • Things were getting complicated here and the mountains were calling.



  • No matter what she said, getting him back meant financial security - a roof over her head and everything that went along with it.



  • But come, my children; let us explore the mountain and discover which way we must go in order to escape from this cavern, which is getting to be almost as hot as a bake-oven.




  • You must be getting bored around here.



  • Is she still getting worse?



  • Well, it's good that you're getting to be yourself again.



  • It is getting warm here now, so father is going to take us to the Quarry on the 20th of August.



  • It was getting late.




  • Then we see that only people in certain parts of the country are getting better.



  • I could not follow with my eyes the geometrical figures drawn on the blackboard, and my only means of getting a clear idea of them was to make them on a cushion with straight and curved wires, which had bent and pointed ends.



  • I thought she was getting better.



  • Having everyone run her life was getting old.



  • The day isn't getting any longer.




  • George's brothers knew the master of a trading ship who was getting ready to sail to England.



  • I think you still need someone here, but you're definitely getting better.



  • After that, I guess I was focused on just getting by.



  • It's getting close to supper, so I'd better go in.


  • Getting around in front, so that she could look inside, the girl saw a boy curled up on the seat, fast asleep.




  • As for reaching the top of the earth, I have never heard that it is possible to do that, and if you succeeded in getting there you would probably fall off.



  • I was in haste to buy it, before the proprietor finished getting out some rocks, cutting down the hollow apple trees, and grubbing up some young birches which had sprung up in the pasture, or, in short, had made any more of his improvements.



  • He was getting to be quite a handsome young man.



  • I thought you needed to sleep longer because you were working so hard getting ready.



  • How did he know she was getting her car today?



  • She could feel her face getting hot.


  • The factors that enable us to solve for and eliminate disease are getting better all the time, like wind at our back, pushing us forward.



  • This is not a particularly new idea, similar to the phenomenon of getting to know and care about "pen pals" in far-flung places by exchanging postal-mail letters.



  • Thank you for getting me off the hook.



  • Maybe getting away from Dulce had helped.



  • Getting information about him from Katie is too much work.



  • Still, Alex might be getting worse.



  • It was getting late and the air was taking on a chill.



  • By the time she had cleaned the house and finished the laundry, the day was getting hot and sticky.


  • They reached an open place in the brush where Diablo stood hip-shod, his eyes half closed - as if all hell wasn't getting ready to burst loose.



  • Yancey was in the kitchen, getting a cold drink from the refrigerator.


  • Satisfied it was getting what it wanted, the Watcher left him alone.


  • I didn't know the key was getting here first.


  • The headaches are getting worse.


  • Jake was risking getting caught to call him.


  • Hey—is it just me or is recruiting getting harder and harder?


  • I'm always getting samples.


  • It's getting to be a habit.


  • One inconvenience I sometimes experienced in so small a house, the difficulty of getting to a sufficient distance from my guest when we began to utter the big thoughts in big words.



  • She felt this to be their last hope and that if Nicholas refused the match she had found for him, she would have to abandon the hope of ever getting matters right.



  • They abandoned one another, abandoned all their heavy baggage, their artillery, and half their men, and fled, getting past the Russians by night by making semicircles to the right.



  • For a minute there, I thought I was getting forgetful.


  • I started the dairy and everything I had went into getting it into the black.



  • She just keeps getting worse!


  • Do you mean she's getting better?


  • It had been in all the local papers, but she wasn't sure she could talk about it without getting emotional.


  • With every second, they were getting farther from the safety of civilization.


  • Diablo. He's Yancey's method of relieving stress and getting away from us women once in a while.


  • Getting into that building was getting more important all the time.


  • At least he was getting out of the house.


  • So when are you getting your car?


  • Since you asked, I'm getting it today.


  • We were getting along so well.



  • I thought you two were getting married.


  • Every morning she crawled out of bed and retched for a while before getting ready for work.


  • It took some getting used to moving around.


  • In my time too; the war brought some money in and coal was getting dug so's there was jobs.


  • I can't believe we're getting involved in something so bizarre and so treacherous.


  • We have this pledge among ourselves not getting a Texas mile near any of these cases.


  • After is getting a lot of hits.


  • He's getting ready to make a stand against the Other.


  • It's getting pretty crowd­ed out there.


  • I was wrong to laugh at Mack, we're getting it still worse, said Nesvitski.



  • The old prince disputed it chaffingly, but without getting angry.



  • They watched her with matching troubled expressions, asking the same questions and getting the same answer.

  • He could see I was getting serious, and he was afraid you would draw me away from my work.

  • He was getting paid a percentage just to pick up the artwork and deliver it to my broker.

  • Following that resolution, she was up at five the next morning getting ready for work.

  • I see you're getting your exercise for the day.

  • She stretched; realizing her back was getting sore.

  • Why hadn't they noticed it was getting so much colder?

  • She knew her face was getting red, and Brandon wasn't exactly pale.

  • Their kisses were usually shared after dark, but as the season progressed, that was getting later in the evening.

  • Now all I want to know, is when are you getting married?

  • They wasted no time getting on the road and Brandon was driving fast.

  • Getting over Brandon wasn't near as easy as getting her cap and stripes.

  • Getting a job in Bartlesville would only make everyone believe she was still in love with Brandon.

  • She might be getting over him, but the idea of running into him in town was particularly disturbing.

  • We're already late getting started on account of him and the saddle bum will probably use up another half-hour of daylight eating our food.

  • Getting upset about it wasn't going to change anything, though, so she forced a grin as she met the troubled gaze of Fritz.

  • The conversation was getting too personal.

  • The day was getting hot and it took too much energy to argue.

  • Apparently Pete wasn't concerned about Bordeaux getting lost.

  • The night was getting chilly and the warmth from the horse was welcome.

  • Well, it's getting late.

  • He probably thought she was getting serious about him as well.

  • It wasn't wise to allow a canteen to go empty in this country, but the water supply was getting low.

  • The morning was getting hot by the time they managed to water the mules and fill their canteens.

  • She gave him a cold stare, knowing her face was getting red.

  • Things were getting progressively worse.

  • She plodded on, willing herself to take each step, not thinking of the miles to go, but merely getting through one more painful step.

  • The only thing I'm attracted to is his job offer - and the idea of getting out of this gossipy little town.

  • I guess that's my idea of getting somewhere.

  • Seeing her at the diner probably gave him the idea of getting help.

  • You don't need to be carrying heavy things and getting out in this weather.

  • Aren't you getting hungry?

  • Most of the ranchers are barely getting along as it is.

  • Cynthia knew her face was getting red.

  • Nothing is going on, if that's what you're getting at.

  • She knew her face was getting red.

  • I'm not bored, but it is getting late.

  • You're even getting hair in your ears.

  • I never told anyone, but I avoided getting involved with any woman because of what happened to Mom.

  • You're actually getting help?

  • He needed a written map to perform simple chores like finding a grocery store or getting around Boston.

  • Incidentally, you showed some smarts not calling down to Georgia and getting lost in the cracker barrel.

  • This is so much higher than my grade level I'm getting a nose bleed.

  • Prying it loose and getting it to you might be a problem.

  • Previously, he'd carefully planned his abductions and never came close to getting caught.

  • So was Merrill Cooms who told us his investment was paltry compared to getting, as he called him, "that monster Cummings."

  • All in all, we were getting along admirably well considering how much time we spent in each other's company.

  • Later the same day, he informed all of us he was getting needed help, as he put it.

  • That's a start, Brennan said, getting back to business.

  • The conversation was getting out of hand.

  • I'm not doing this for the five hundred dollars or getting in your book.

  • I could see I was getting nowhere on my own.

  • Four murders are getting a lot of interest but those are out of the question too.

  • Bumpus sat near the two, acting like a protector and getting free hand pats for his reward.

  • Though I detest getting back to a city, business calls and I respond.

  • I tried to think how I'd make such a request without getting Merrill Cooms' right hand man in trouble.

  • The director wanted me to help as much as I could but if someone was getting too close, I was to drop it.

  • He's the only one who is a direct threat and that's due to our coming so close to getting him in the past.

  • Besides, it was back then, when I was just getting to know him.

  • Hospitals clean up real well and we weren't exactly Johnnie-on-the-spot getting there.

  • While she was concerned about the rift in our associates' relationship, she felt Quinn and Howie getting together might produce some positive results, in spite of how acrimonious they might be to each other.

  • I hate getting drunk alone.

  • Howie can't drive two blocks out here without getting lost.

  • The police are getting wise and keeping their mouths shut.

  • It's all a little scary but I helped by getting Howie to go to sleep.

  • I told Brennan about Frank and the help we were getting from him.

  • It's not a solution but it will help a lot more than doing nothing while this guy may be getting closer.

  • Anyway, first thing I did was attempt to check records in and out of Canada but getting that stuff is like pulling teeth.

  • In the distance and getting closer I heard the sound of police sirens and in minutes two cruisers pulled into the driveway.

  • My sentences were getting longer.

  • There was no light in the back of the house and I didn't have a flashlight so I had trouble getting the key in the lock.

  • I'll be getting back to you.

  • I congratulated him on the great work he'd done and he again thanked me for getting him together with Daniel Brennan.

  • I was getting very good at evading the truth without actually lying.

  • Unless he was planning on getting them!

  • I broke the speed limit wasting no time getting there.

  • Maybe he's grown up and changed; God knows I have but back in the day, he was a little piss head, always getting in fights, picking on little kids.

  • It was getting worse.

  • I tried my hand at getting him back on track.

  • Getting pinched saved my life and introduced me to God.

  • Saying that might go further toward getting him to forget the kidnapping and murder and going on with his life.

  • What are our plans for getting out of here?

  • She heard the gunshots getting closer, one body at a time.

  • Talon's an idiot, but he's getting help from someone else.

  • Things are getting rougher.

  • After a childhood filled with foster homes, she feared getting too comfortable, even in the home of the man who adopted her twelve years ago, when she was ten.

  • I can't get close enough to anything to learn more without getting myself killed.

  • I'm getting reports from the recruitment team that a lot of their newly flagged Guardians are getting whacked as soon as they make the list, Damian said.

  • She felt like she stood at the door of a plane fifteen thousand feet in the air getting ready to skydive, only she didn't remember packing a parachute.

  • It was getting harder and harder to deny what she felt toward him.

  • It kinda hurt getting killed, and it really sucks not being able to eat food.

  • I was getting ready to destroy the world.

  • We're getting better at tracking them, but haven't been able to stop them.

  • It's been going on for two weeks, and it's getting worse.

  • And getting lost down here would be really stupid.

  • I figured I owed myself a present after getting busted.

  • It's like getting caught, not by a person, but by the circumstances of your actions.

  • I'm not too fussy about getting mixed up in that stuff.

  • All the effort we've put into getting your education—just to toss it away....

  • They're getting rid of stuff from people who didn't pay their bills.

  • Cynthia barked, her face getting redder by the minute.

  • It doesn't seem as if we're taking this business of getting you elected very seriously.

  • Boys, we're getting a little loud here.

  • Dean had no stomach for going any deeper than necessary and the water from the mine seepage was getting deeper.

  • Bumpin' Bertha here doesn't make very good time but she's been getting the job done for a lot of years.

  • Just fix us some supper instead of goggling at a naked woman and getting all tingly when we don't have time.

  • If you're going to return to chasing bad guys, you'd better think about getting in shape or you won't be catching any of them.

  • Dean felt as if he might be getting somewhere, at least in identifying Martha's bones.

  • Sorry about getting hot up at the Lucky Pup.

  • Now we're getting back to the absurd!

  • Getting someone to buy all this nonsense is going to take some campaigning!

  • That's where the stream is directed, although there's a fair chance of getting soaked anywhere.

  • Getting knocked on their asses was exactly what happened— again and again.

  • Getting all maudlin on this happy outing.

  • He tried to formulate a non-accusatory question but the image of Billy Langstrom's crushed body kept getting in the way.

  • Getting shot isn't something I'm proud of, but I can assure my opponent, regardless of the body part hit, there isn't anything funny about it.

  • One look at Dean told her she was getting close to home.

  • It's getting out of hand.

  • Watch your step—now you're getting to be a challenge.

  • He grumbled something about getting one of those "take a number" dispensers the big city post offices had, right below their self-serving signs applauding their high level of service.

  • That Fitzgerald is getting awfully familiar with the tall redhead.

  • He was getting tired of all this cloak-and dagger nonsense.

  • By the time Dean strolled by a few moments later, red-faced Fitzgerald was getting an ear full from a half dozen tourists and an elderly local, known for his unwavering opinions and surly disposition.

  • I just wanted you to know we're getting close.

  • I didn't know you and, frankly, you were getting rather personal.

  • You just took too damn long getting here.

  • I hear you're doing pretty well in spite of getting your head knocked off at the debate.

  • She talked about a friend in Chicago but gas was costing lots more than we thought and she was getting real tired from driving.

  • When I called Billy to tell him I was coming out this summer, he mentioned he'd found some old bones in a mine but he was afraid of getting in trouble for breaking in.

  • Why go back into the mine after all these years and take the chance of swapping the bones and getting caught?

  • Don't go getting a swelled head.

  • It was a far cry from the woman who ran away screaming from the soul she accidentally touched last week or the goddess who would've commanded him rather than risk getting her hands dirty.

  • At 14 months, she was already getting difficult to lift.

  • As soon as Daddy and Jonathan finish getting dressed, we'll go to church.

  • No wonder you're getting so thin.

  • Whatever you're getting paid, it's not enough.

  • In fact, getting to know him better had only increased it.

  • She shut the door and waved at Carmen and Alex before getting into the driver's seat.

  • While her car was in the shop getting a new back window, Carmen drove a rental car.

  • I was getting worried.

  • In the last week, she had started going to bed after he was asleep and getting up before he woke.

  • In fact, getting him aroused wasn't the problem now.

  • There was no getting away from his frenzied assault.

  • Still, they had spent so much money on it and needed to start getting something back.

  • The school was planning a summer fund-raiser and she had volunteered, so she was getting ready to go to a meeting.

  • When they were getting ready to leave, Alex took Destiny from Carmen's arms and opened the door for her.

  • After getting them each a cup of coffee and a piece of the cherry pie she had made the day before, she sat down at the table with them.

  • Finally he was getting to the point.

  • It was getting that way.

  • I suppose it helps keep the carrier from getting attached to the baby.

  • His gentle flirting reminded her of how charismatic he could be, when not telling her she was getting ready to die.

  • We're not getting married when I'm on my deathbed, and Dr. Wynn is the best there is! she snapped.

  • Fate was getting more persistent.

  • Her bucket list was getting longer while her time was getting shorter.

  • I have no way of getting them back to the underworld, Gabe said.

  • I'm getting my shit together, little by little.

  • He was getting tired of surprises and men he didn't want to see popping up to meet him.

  • It was getting more difficult to keep his distance from his mate, and he hated knowing he'd have to hurt her emotionally to prevent the tumor from growing too fast.

  • He scared her, but it was beyond the time for her to start getting some answers.

  • I don't think you mean getting hit by a car, do you?

  • Gabriel wasn't getting his hopes up, let alone encouraging hers.

  • Perhaps he feared getting close to her if she was going to die in a few months, seeing as how past-Deidre crushed his heart, too.

  • Getting me assigned to Darkyn and taking Gabriel, who won't want anything to do with you when he cares about me?

  • Getting a lot of good info out of this one.

  • So, this was an opportunity too good to pass up and isn't about getting back at Kris?

  • However, the thought of swan diving off a cliff the next time he called her a damn blood monkey was getting more tempting with each day!

  • Getting ready to tear her shirt open and throw herself down for a monster?

  • Well, it does take some getting used to.

  • Every time I turn around, I'm getting my ass kicked by some beast, many of which are probably after you!

  • He opened a portal, mind racing with how to keep the demons from getting the vial.

  • When are you getting hitched?

  • Whatever they discussed, Romas's brother was getting more pissed; his grip on her tightened until she gave a verbal, "Let me go!"

  • How did she go about getting one discreetly?

  • She was getting used to the hard stares the warriors gave her, the only indication of their surprise at her candidness.

  • How about getting outdoors this afternoon?

  • That way, when they see how many items they're getting, they'll realize what a bargain I'm giving 'em.

  • Dean wondered why he kept getting stuck with the point-fours.

  • After listening to her this morning, I'm beginning to wonder if we're getting the whole story about Jerome Shipton.

  • So much for all the empty words he'd been spilling to Cynthia about not getting involved, he thought.

  • Nor is she getting any research help from me!

  • I know I messed up, getting her pregnant and all, but I wanted to do right by her, and especially the boy.

  • I'm getting to know my guy a little more each day.

  • Dean began getting ready for bed; the day's skiing had taken its toll.

  • That's a must nowadays, when everyone is scared of getting sued, Ryland told them.

  • Is it getting easier?

  • Weller's only concession was to say he'd talk to Shipton in hopes of getting him to leave voluntarily, if he could find the time.

  • That's like getting an ice cream sundae with castor oil for topping.

  • I'd be getting just what I deserved if I hit you.

  • And it's been getting worse daily.

  • He then highlighted the conversation, adding, He cut it off just when it was getting interesting.

  • I was downstream, on the other side of the bridge, watching Penny and by the time I noticed the crowd and got there, they were getting ready to haul Shipton out.

  • Why don't you come on out and ask your questions while I'm getting something done?

  • I thought you said they were getting ready to spread Shipton's body parts around to the sick and needy and then plant what was left.

  • He could feel himself getting redder as the man spoke, but for once, he held his temper.

  • Your list is getting longer.

  • Getting involved didn't do any good this time around.

  • I'm home five minutes and I'm getting you in trouble already.

  • This whole business is getting curiouser and curiouser.

  • And there was Fred, no trouble but not getting any younger.

  • Rappelling is just getting there, a way to get down to your base.

  • He said something about getting back on the horse after you fall.

  • It sounds like he's getting it now.

  • Yes. But Weller told me in the hospital that in the confusion of getting Shipton out of the gorge, no one examined the bottom of the cliff, where he landed.

  • So much for not getting involved.

  • It is probably best you two are getting on so well.

  • Now we're getting somewhere, Jackson thought.

  • If you don't feed soon, you'll start getting cranky and I need you happy.

  • At this time of day, the best option would be to go to Stanton Street where the expensive boutiques were, and hope to find a lonely, rich wife getting back at her husband by spending his money.

  • It's not as if he had a chance of getting by her.

  • Just when they were getting a little tipsy and their inhibitions were taking a walk, but before they were slurring their words.

  • They'd make it a game night or sit around getting wasted on twenty-year old scotch recounting countless, crazy times they had through the years.

  • I'm straight out getting ready for this.

  • She did want to use the bags first, and if Jackson hadn't been in this state, he would be getting a shrill earful for feeding from the bottles.

  • No... um… getting a head start on the Halloween Gala.

  • I should be getting home.

  • He growled, "More like Karma getting back at me for all the years I objectified women."

  • Getting permission to turn Connor was simple, just as Jackson had expected.

  • I guess this is going to take some getting used to.

  • According to Katie's letter, kidding season was almost on them and they were getting the barn ready.

  • Katie wasn't lazy, but she didn't like getting dirt under her fingernails.

  • And anyway he's not interested in getting married.

  • The supply of chevon and chicken in the freezer was getting low, but they still had plenty of home canned corn and green beans.

  • The snow is getting mushy.

  • There was only one way to keep from getting old, and life in an old withered body still sounded better than the alternative.

  • Getting some serving bowls.

  • I think this one is getting close to delivering.

  • There was no point in getting all worked up.

  • Don't you think that's getting a little melodramatic?

  • No need in two people getting muddy.

  • I made the decision to work the farm instead of selling the place and getting a job at some factory.

  • It wasn't Katie's farm and this pity party wasn't getting the chores done.

  • I'm getting my clothes on.

  • Did he have any idea what he was getting himself into?

  • If he was getting ready to make an indecent proposal, she didn't want Katie to hear the squelching reply she had planned.

  • It looks like Carmen is the only one getting anything out of this.

  • I don't know what it is about you that inspires women to defend you, but I'm getting tired of talking to you about it.

  • I'm getting tired of your threats and insinuations.

  • Bill and I are getting married - next weekend.

  • Carmen could feel her face getting hot.

  • I was just getting off to sleep when you turned the light on.

  • Whenever she seemed to be getting herself under control, a fresh bout of sobs would begin.

  • The forms were getting braver, darting out from the trees and then retreating when she flashed the light in that direction.

  • Better hurry, they were getting braver.

  • She was getting tired and her efforts were less productive.

  • It was getting close to feeding time.

  • Carmen felt her face getting hot.

  • Do you have any second thoughts about getting married?

  • Why did I get the feeling you wanted to talk about getting married?

  • Well, buddy, I hope you're getting as good a deal as she is.

  • He could get into enough trouble without getting primed for it.

  • Food stores are getting low up here.

  • She was getting ready to pass the point of no return.

  • Every moment he spent with her, he felt like he was getting farther and farther away from his ability to walk away without either of them getting hurt.

  • He recalled the horror of falling from the sky and getting caught in the bridge.

  • Tim cared for Lana—that much Brady could see—but Tim cared as much for his career and getting what he wanted.

  • I was just getting ready to head over to get their midmorning snacks.

  • She never does something without getting something in return.

  • At the Sanctuary, Kris was just getting ready to return to his tent when Kiki burst onto the beach, looking as if he were being chased by demons.

  • Are you getting us out of here?

  • I want to know what you're getting us into.

  • Not remembering and getting sent to Hell are two different things!

  • He turned away, not wanting to care about the cost of getting his mate back.

  • I'm getting out of here. If what she says is true, you can come visit whenever you want.

  • In the morning, I stood in front of the mirror getting ready for school.

  • Just tell her the Parkside Betterment Society voted for Billie and Willie to improve the city by getting lost.

  • I have to start getting used to the fact life goes on.

  • Ol' Vinnie was a hell of a jock but not 'the most likely' at anything but getting in trouble.

  • Dean located Sackler, who was less than pleased at getting a Saturday assignment of questionable worth.

  • This was Dean's week for second-rate motels, and they weren't getting better.

  • The boy asked for a room and paid for it in cash, getting the last two dollars from the girl.

  • Okay, so what are you getting at?

  • I don't care if they blow Vinnie's head off, but I don't want my guys getting hurt.

  • Rita would convey the message to Jonathan Winston as well allowing Dean to temporarily duck having to explain to the FBI why he played cowboy and lost the tail instead of getting the plate number.

  • Dean was getting tired of telling the story of the ever-popular Wassermann twins, but related it one more time.

  • He has to be out there, caught in the seaweed at the bottom of Chesapeake Bay, with the fish and crabs having a party, getting as bloated as the fat Wassermann twin lying on the slab at the Norfolk morgue.

  • Lucky you, getting on the bad guy's list.

  • If they're tailing you, the location's getting too hot.

  • Dean congrat­ulated him but issued a warning against getting too bold with char­acters who would burn their mother at a stake just to light their cigars.

  • He's even got himself a lawyer to make sure he's getting a good deal.

  • Arthur's getting nuttier than a Christmas fruit­cake.

  • Only David Dean had some difficulty "getting busy."

  • No, Dean had a lot of difficulty getting busy.

  • If you want to discuss sympathy, think about poor me, pining away for a hot time and getting nada.

  • He took his time getting to Kansas.

  • His first step was renting an apartment and getting an address—a mail drop.

  • I am getting better.

  • Dean scratched his head, irritated at himself for getting so caught up in Fred's continuing scenario, a scenario totally baseless in proven fact.

  • I didn't fancy getting tied to no toilet again.

  • Besides," he added, "Mrs. Glass was getting a mite too friendly and she's not much of a cook."

  • I was a fool getting you involved in the first place.

  • Crouched astride a bike was a great place to think and he surely needed training with his July week in Iowa getting closer all the time.

  • Cynthia wasted no more time before getting down to business.

  • Except for buying and selling a couple of vehi­cles and getting here he's had nothing to do but train.

  • Anyway, he's nice and warm while I'm sitting here getting damp and cold.

  • This gang of us came down from Boise together and some of them are getting a little rowdy—you know, into funny pills and stuff—shit like that?

  • Jonathan Winston will be getting a medal.

  • When you and the old man began getting close, we stepped in.

  • Don't go getting a swelled head!

  • Two... what is your greatest fear about getting married?

  • Getting tense will only make it worse.

  • Getting married would erase her name as well.

  • Leaving the dairy, she crossed the field and then the creek, hopping from one stone to another to avoid getting her boots wet.

  • By the time the chickens were fed the day was getting hot.

  • It was getting close to noon when Carmen finished weeding in her garden.

  • You'll be late getting back to work.

  • Are you just getting home?

  • I guess he thought I didn't have anything on under it and asked if I was just now getting home.

  • Would you mind getting us some ice water?

  • She was getting out of condition.

  • The hugging and kissing was wonderful, but that was why they were getting so frustrated.

  • Are you nervous about getting married?

  • They had a better relationship now than they ever had, and she was actually getting to know him better.

  • It's been so hot and dry – I'm surprised you're getting anything out of it.

  • He's getting ready to be your boss.

  • It's been done for a long time, but it's getting more popular now.

  • Carmen, I have no intention of getting into a fist fight with him.

  • Maybe he wasn't getting enough to eat.

  • I guess I should be ashamed, but I'm more interested in getting married than the wedding.

  • It was the getting there that didn't sound appealing.

  • Getting out at all would be more.

  • The wedding is tomorrow and you're getting cold feet.

  • Because you're getting married today – or do you still think it's no big deal?

  • I never said getting married was no big deal.

  • Maybe he was getting nervous because he had been this close to getting married once before and she simply didn't show up for the wedding.

  • The next few hours were spent getting ready.

  • He might think she was having second thoughts about getting married.

  • On the other hand, simply getting it over with wasn't very inviting, either.

  • I'm going to be in trouble if I say I'm sorry for getting into your refrigerator, right?

  • Still, he had gone to the trouble and expense of getting the phone.

  • I thought about getting something on the way home, but I figured you'd have supper ready.

  • She stared at the book in her hands, her face getting hot.

  • This was getting ridiculous.

  • The idea of getting on an airplane squelched any plans for traveling with him.

  • She took her time getting home, ignoring her cell phone when it rang.

  • I figured you were getting tired of being attacked by me the minute you came through the door after work.

  • I think Princess is getting restless.

  • Princess is getting a little close to her due date.

  • Last night Alex thought she was getting ready to give birth.

  • Deep down inside, a voice suggested that he was getting bored with her and wanted to be a salesman again.

  • It wasn't like she was getting much sleep there, anyway.

  • That evening when she was getting ready for bed, she began cramping.

  • It occurred to her suddenly that Josh knew exactly what Alex would think — that he was getting even with them both.

  • It was getting late and Alex would be worried.

  • There was no point getting into it, so she focused on the immediate problem.

  • Dawn must be getting close, because she had never seen things darker than they were right now.

  • Getting through the door wasn't easy.

  • The difference in this case is that it is getting to be a pattern — increasing in frequency and violence.

  • I'm getting roasted and you tell me it's cute when I flirt.

  • Destiny's little fists were waving and her face was getting red.

  • I'll help you by getting rid of them.

  • Good luck getting him to believe you, she said with calmness she didn't feel.

  • This is getting old, she grated to herself.

  • Any hope of getting more sleep this night was gone.

  • Things were getting weird.

  • She didn't mind sleeping on the floor, but she did mind not getting a regular hot shower.

  • There's only one of us I'll risk getting killed, and it's not you.

  • She'd done what Claire never would—risked getting killed by Others to save him.

  • You need monitoring equipment, preferably something they can't sense so you know what you're getting into before you show up with guns blazing.

  • I don't see your job getting any easier, Darian.

  • And you planned on getting it for him how?

  • The Others were getting ready to act against them.

  • Jenn gazed towards the wall, mentally determining her chances at taking on six guardsmen and getting them all over the wall before more came or worse—before Others showed up.

  • You're not getting either of them.

  • Her breath caught as she recalled his searing touch and gaze, his passionate kisses, his confidence that nothing in this world would stop him from getting what he wanted.

  • They're getting ready to open the curtains again.

  • He gripped her waist with his hands, preventing her from getting an inch closer or further away.

  • By the time he returned to the barn, it was getting dark.

  • In the two years since, he seemed to be getting closer to a normal relationship with his father, so when he called to say he was staying an extra day, it was a relief.

  • He was getting so good.

  • Actually, technically it was their collective business, but there was no point in getting into that right now.

  • To her, the rifle was a method of defending herself or getting food when there would otherwise be none.

  • After they dropped the children off and returned home, Alex worked in his office while Carmen took a shower and started getting ready.

  • After the phone call, she finished getting ready for church and faxed the form.

  • A year ago Alex had gently informed her that Brutus was getting old and his heart was not working well.

  • They had badgered the parents of their thirteen year old member into getting him a cell phone and then had started on Carmen.

  • I think Felipa and Aaron are getting along well.

  • By the time we could eat supper, saddle the horses and ride up here, it would be getting dark.

  • Any other time she probably would have let him grab a mouthful to munch on his way down, but the storm was getting closer faster than she anticipated.

  • She might as well figure on getting that cell phone for Jonathan.

  • It's getting better all the time.

  • She was considering getting one of the men to carry it to the barn when Gerald and Sam arrived on horseback.

  • I was thinking about going out there and getting someone to carry it to the barn.

  • This was getting out of control.

  • No. I was getting ready to go back to the house.

  • Like I said, I was just getting ready to leave.

  • The next morning when the men were getting ready to leave, they dropped the key by and thanked Carmen and Felipa for their help.

  • He'd be getting off at noon anyway.

  • His friend was dying and instead of getting the support he needed from his family, he had been sworn to silence.

  • If anyone had a chance of getting Senor Medena to listen, it was Alex.

  • Princess was getting along in her new pasture and the other horses were all doing well.

  • He was getting old.

  • They worked together getting supper on the table.

  • If you think I'm getting paternal about it, just tell me and I'll back off.

  • In the summer months, it would be nice to have her here as well, but I have to face the fact that eventually she'll be getting a job and moving away.

  • If they can figure a way to smoke without getting it in my eyes and lungs, they can smoke themselves to death for all I care.

  • Are you getting cold feet?

  • I must be getting too old to do this.

  • I suppose it's getting a little embarrassing now.

  • This courtship has been going on too long and you're getting bored.

  • Even if she had decided to work somewhere else after graduating, getting her parents to let her sink or swim would have been impossible.

  • It would be nice getting away from the smog and traffic for a while.

  • Maybe she was getting a little tense.

  • Maybe it's because he's getting too much encouragement from you.

  • It's just that... maybe it was wishful thinking, but I thought you two were getting along.

  • The country was getting wilder and the homes were farther apart.

  • We're short-handed, but we're getting along.

  • As she stepped back outside, the sound of the hound was getting closer.

  • Or was she merely getting that lonely?

  • He must be getting bored with watching her.

  • She was getting used to the water and it felt good, but she would have preferred a swim in the ocean.

  • Well, it's getting late and I'd better get in.

  • Some of her supplies were getting low, anyway.

  • They were undoubtedly getting a daily report from Keaton - which was more than she could do.

  • Did he suspect she was getting bored, or did he assume she would be interested in them because of her profession?

  • She would be getting ready for a dance or the movies - with Denton?

  • Seven, and it was already getting dark.

  • Now he was worried she was getting serious about the investigator.

  • Still, the conversation was getting a little too familiar.

  • Getting the iron hot was no easy feat.

  • I'm getting to be a regular hermit.

  • Are you getting serious?

  • The roll of twine was getting small, and it was a nuisance to hold the spool while trying to turn pages, so she unrolled the rest of the twine and tied the end around her waist.

  • Why was he getting so miffed, and whom did he consider outsiders?

  • It sounded like he was getting a little lost in his part.

  • He said you needed some space to grow, but when he didn't hear from you for a week he started getting worried.

  • If you can rope her into getting married, you've got my blessing.

  • Things were getting out of control.

  • I just said it was going to take some getting used to – as will the lifestyle.

  • I suppose – though I don't think I'd mind getting used to financial security.

  • It's better than what the kids getting attacked are telling us.

  • Now, she was late for work and probably on her way to getting fired.

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