The best artificial plants that look like the real deal (2022)

If you’re a fan of greenery within the home but are yet to succeed at plant parenthood, you’re not alone. Sometimes just remembering to feed and water ourselves is enough, let alone thinking about the foliage.

But, they do offer a great way to inject some personality into your humble abode. So if you are looking for an easy solution, we’ve got just the answer: artificial plants.

Cast away those aspersions of plastic-looking trunks and shiny leaves, because there are some very convincing lookalikes out there that offer a great way to bring the outdoors inside, sans the hassle.

Better still, there are a sheer number of faux species available, including monsteras, eucalyptus, and string-of-pearls, so if you’re looking for a particular plant to spruce up your home, you’re in luck.

If you’re struggling to see the wood for the trees, we’re here to help you on your quest for finding the perfect artificial plants for your home.

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How we tested

The main priority is how the plants looked – we didn’t want a shiny, plastic look to our foliage. Similarly, we wanted to offer a broad range of different species (albeit faux) and sizes to help you decide which hassle-free plants to bring into your home.

Whether you’re after a large and statement swiss cheese or a hanging plant to make a statement, we’ve found the lot.

The best artificial plants in 2022 are:

  • Best eucalyptus – George artificial eucalyptus plant: £35,
  • Best tall artificial plant –Blooming Artificial artificial strelitzia: £115,
  • Best show piece – Habitat faux floral in face shaped pot: £12,
  • Best swiss cheese plant – Dunelm artificial monstera: £45,
  • Best fiddle fig leaf tree – Matalan fiddle fig leaf tree: £35,
  • Best hanging plant – George artificial trailing eucalyptus: £9,
  • Best trailing plant – Next artificial trailing plant in pink pot: £15,
  • Best for added colour – Brazen Botany coral princess plant: £150,
  • Best dracaena-style plant –The Range artificial dracaena plant: £56.99,
  • Best bonsai tree –M&S artificial bonsai tree in concrete pot: £15,

George artificial eucalyptus plant

Best: Eucalyptus tree

Rating: 10/10

Although it seems far-fetched to say plants are “in”, we’re here to tell you that eucalyptus trees are seemingly everywhere. But if you’re concerned about whether you’ll be able to keep one alive (don’t worry, us too), Asda has come to the rescue. Not only does this have a great height (120cm), which means it works well next to a sofa or in an entrance hall, but it looks particularly convincing – no plastic-looking leaves here. The added bonus is that it arrives in a black pot with faux soil.

(Video) Best Ikea Fake Plants | How to Find the Best Artificial Plants | Eshi Jay

Blooming Artificial artificial strelitzia

Best: Tall artificial plant

Rating: 9/10

When it comes to doing realistic-looking faux plants, there are few brands that do it as well as Blooming Artificial. If you’re looking for a real statement in your home, this artificial strelitzia is the answer you were looking for.

It’s the most convincing artificial plant in this round-up largely owing to the different tones of green and textures within the leaves. It arrives with all the leaves facing upwards, allowing you to rearrange the stems to your desired design. The height lends itself well to taking up an empty space, and you can choose between 175cm and 200cm depending on your preference. It isn’t the most affordable option, but owing to its fuss-free and real-looking design, it’s certainly worth investing in if you can.

Habitat faux floral in face-shaped pot

Best: Show piece

Rating: 8/10

With body-form vases all the rage (we’re looking at you, Anissa Kermiche), this is a nice take on the trend. The high quality of this faux plant seriously impressed us. Much to our surprise, the leaves don’t look synthetic, in fact, quite the opposite. The contrast between the terracotta pot and green leaves makes it a bit more of a statement piece that’s ideal for putting on show – be that on a TV stand or coffee table. It’s fair to say, we’re obsessed.

(Video) ✅ TOP 5 Best Artificial Plants [ 2022 Buyer's Guide ]

Dunelm artificial monstera

Best: Swiss cheese plant

Rating: 8/10

Measuring 120cm high, this monstera is a fantastic alternative if you’re yet to succeed at owning a cheese plant. The faux bark on the plant makes it that bit more convincing. As for the leaves, luckily the monsteras do tend to look quite shiny, lending them well to being artificial. It does come in a black plant pot, but to make it look a little more genuine, you could invest in a large one that will certainly show it off.

Matalan fiddle leaf fig tree

Best: Fiddle leaf leaf tree

Rating: 8/10

Fiddle leaf fig trees are a popular choice and this one provides a great focal point in a room – it stands tall (120cm) and looks particularly persuasive. While it does come in a black pot, if you’re looking to create a little bit of a statement, we’d recommend opting for a larger, colourful one to contrast the green leaves.

George artificial trailing eucalyptus

Best: Hanging plant

Rating: 9/10

If you’re looking for an indoor hanging plant, we’d recommend opting for a faux design, mainly because it won’t require watering and cause any damage to your walls. Thankfully, this particular one is very light, so hangs easily. If you’re in a rented property and concerned about putting holes in the wall, we’d recommend trying self-adhesive hooks. As for the design, similar to the others here, it looks very much like the real deal.

(Video) Top 6 Best Artificial Plants || Artificial Plants For Indoor And Outdoor Decorating

Next artificial trailing plant in pink pot

Best: Trailing plant

Rating: 8/10

If the above hanging plant doesn’t quite work within your home, but you’re looking for the same effect, this Next trailing plant was made for you. It comes in a pink pot and looks particularly nice when placed on a shelf. Owing to the fact that string-of-pearls are quite plastic-looking in their natural form, this artificial alternative could easily pass as the real thing.

Brazen Botany coral princess plant

Best: Added colour

Rating: 9/10

Brazen Botany was founded in lockdown by Caroline Byrne who herself had tried (and failed) at being a plant parent, so thought of quite possibly the best alternative ever: handmade foliage-inspired art.

This design draws on the pink princess philodendron plant but is a whole lot more vibrant and colourful, with coral, pink and blue, it stands out in any room. It arrives neatly packaged ready for assembly and is available in three sizes: small (£65,, medium (£110,, and a large (£150,

(Video) Best Artificial Plant In 2022 - Top 10 Artificial Plants Review

While it is a little more expensive than other artificial plants, this one is a great centrepiece. An investment piece you’ll treasure forever.

Outsunny artificial dracaena plant

Best: Dracaena-style plant

Rating: 7.5/10

We’d heard quite a lot about the artificial plants at The Range, so we had to see one of them for ourselves. And this one offers a great alternative to a dracaena. Similarly to others in this round-up, the leaves are bendable to help achieve the ideal shape. The leaves themselves have different colours and textures, which make them look as real as possible and the pot is filled with dried moss. It’s certainly a great statement in a room.

M&S artificial bonsai tree in concrete pot

Best: Bonsai tree

Rating: 7.5/10

Bonsai trees are notoriously difficult to look after – they require the perfect light, temperature and humidity. So whether you’ve struggled to keep one thriving or not yet attempted, an artificial design is the ideal alternative. The root does look slightly fake, but it’s not too noticeable, and as for the leaves, these aren’t too shiny. The fact that it arrives in a concrete pot is an added bonus.

The verdict: Artificial plants

When it comes to artificial plants, there’s a range of options. The Blooming Artificial artificial strelitzia is a fantastic option that really does look like the real deal, and if it’s a statement you’re after, it’s a great (albeit expensive) choice. For something a little more pocket-friendly, turn to George’s artificial eucalyptus plant, which looks very convincing yet takes the pain out of being a plant parent.

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Ready for the real deal instead? Read our guide to the best house plants

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What artificial plant looks the most real? ›

Our Top Picks
  • Forever Leaf Faux Pothos Plant.
  • Hearth & Hand With Magnolia 10" Faux Hoya Leaf Stem Potted Arrangement.
  • Highland Dunes Grover 60" Artificial Palm Plant.
  • Kurrajong Farmhouse 8" Artificial Succulent Plant.
  • Fejka 67" Artificial Weeping Fig Potted Plant.
  • Opalhouse 5" Artificial Succulent Plant With Brass Terrarium.
May 10, 2022

How do you make artificial plants look more realistic? ›

One of the easiest and fastest ways to enhance a fake plant is by adding a touch of real, natural elements to its base. Using real-life soil, dirt, sand, rocks, or moss will give your artificial plant an added hint of natural realism while adding a sense of organic texture.

Can fake plants look good? ›

Yes. Cheap fake plants can definitely look tacky. However, artificial floor plants and flowers that are carefully crafted with high-quality materials by a company that cares about their craftsmanship can fool even the keenest eye.

Do Ikea artificial plants look real? ›

Lifelike and colourful, our artificial plants and flowers don't smell like the real thing, but they'll give your home a real boost. They never wilt and stay fresh-looking year after year. Why not keep a few stored away as well, so you can vary your display or brighten up a room anytime you feel like it?

Are fake plants still in style? ›

But recently, faux plants have begun to shed their tacky reputation and are adopting a new one: for being an easy, low-maintenance way to breathe life into an interior. Many top decorators—continuing the tradition of Mario Buatta, who had nothing against using artificial varieties—have put them in their projects.

Why are fake plants so expensive? ›

Also, the more real a fake flower appears, the more expensive it becomes. This is because the producers of such realistic artificial flowers didn't just only use high-quality materials; they also invested more skill and talents in designing these plants.

Are artificial house plants tacky? ›

Simply put, low-quality and cheap fake plants are usually tacky, but the high-quality ones are not.

Is Artiplanto worth? ›

Artiplanto is a very tricky company with horrible quality of their artificial plants for the prices they charge. The whole plant looks like cheap plastic and the leave fall off and cannot be put back on. The size stated 6 feet but it is less than 5'7".

How do you get fake plants to stay in place? ›

Put the faux plant in the middle of the pot. If you approve of its placement and height, start filling in the area around the starter pot with material like mud or sand. Continue putting sand or mud in until your plant's independent and secure. You should be sure it isn't going to fall over when you walk away.

What do you put around fake plants? ›

To secure your faux potted plants, you will need sand or mud, decorative slate, stones or bark and a planter that's larger than the original starter pot.

How do you weigh down fake plants? ›

Weigh down an artificial plant on a terrace or balcony

Choose a slightly larger pot holder and weight it down by adding sand or pebbles, for example. You can then cover the surface of the pot using decorative elements such as pozzolan, clay balls or even earth for a natural effect.

Why you shouldn't buy fake plants? ›

Fake plants are prone to deterioration and fading—especially if they're constantly exposed to light. Bright colors (particularly flowers) will begin to fade after just a few months as dyes start to break down.

Do bugs live in fake plants? ›

Do artificial plants attract insects? The short answer is that they do not. Rubber and plastic plants do not actively attract bugs or arachnids of any kind.

Are fake plants better than no plants? ›

With a faux plant, you don't need to worry about under- or over-watering at all. Pests: Faux plants aren't attractive to bugs, so you can rest easy knowing your home is pest-free. Soil quality: Aside from a bit of occasional dusting, your artificial plant won't require any maintenance.

Can you return artificial plants at IKEA? ›

We do not accept returns on plants, cut fabric, custom countertops and as-is products. We are unable to refund or exchange your items if your merchandise is found to be modified from its original form when purchased, dirty, stained, or damaged.

What type of plant is IKEA Fejka? ›


Why are fake plants so expensive? ›

Also, the more real a fake flower appears, the more expensive it becomes. This is because the producers of such realistic artificial flowers didn't just only use high-quality materials; they also invested more skill and talents in designing these plants.

Should you decorate with fake plants? ›

Fake Trees Can Look Great

If you live in a dark apartment or do not have the patience to take care of a living thing, decorating with fake plants is A-OK in our book if you use artificial greenery that looks somewhat real in your home.

What to fill fake plant pots with? ›

If you like the height of the plant, fill the area around the starter pot with mud or sand. If you need to move the silk plant frequently, consider buying a wheeled planter or use polystyrene chunks instead of mud or sand.

How do I make a life size artificial tree? ›

Making a Fake Tree - YouTube

Why you shouldn't buy fake plants? ›

Fake plants are prone to deterioration and fading—especially if they're constantly exposed to light. Bright colors (particularly flowers) will begin to fade after just a few months as dyes start to break down.

How long do artificial indoor plants last? ›

If your artificial plants are made of weather-resistant silk, you can expect a lifetime of two or three months, before it's time to replace them. If your artificial plants are made of synthetic materials like plastic, rayon or polyester, longevity will depend on whether or not the material has been UV-treated.

Do fake plants have the same benefits as real plants? ›

Real plants do often provide filtration when it comes to the air that we breathe and artificial plants won't do that. However, research has found that in terms of wellbeing benefits such as improving mood and morale, as well as productivity and focus, artificial plants really work.


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