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On Nov 17, 2020, Beetreeguy from Gordonsville, VA (Zone 7a) wrote:

'Little Gem' hasn't been enthusiastic about growing here in the Virginia piedmont (zone 7a). Mine gets sun most of the day, being in the middle of the yard, and it might have benefited from being planted in a more protected spot. It looks nice, but grows slowly. It's been happier since I started mulching, which helps younger broadleaf evergreens in colder areas to keep their roots moist and unfrozen. The leaves on Little Gem are smaller than standard magnolias, and the new leaves tend to point upward. That reveals their brownish underside, giving the tree a somewhat brownish appearance from a distance. Whether that's appealing is a matter of opinion, but I think it looks great with conifers and Japanese maples as companions. Its best feature is that it flowers well, and can continue bloomi... read more


On Oct 21, 2020, nyy_ct119 from Waterford, CT wrote:

This variety blooms profusely in the late summer and fall in a coastal location in southeastern Connecticut (zone 7a). It has good siting being on the southwest side of the house, which helps with overwintering in the northern part of its adaptable range. It is fully evergreen in this climate (perhaps due to siting).

This plant is still blooming as I write this on October 21, 2020. It will be going into its third winter. It has smaller foliage than is normal for the species, and velvet-like, fuzzy, brown leaf undersides. A great landscape specimen for sure, but probably not as hardy with "open-exposure" siting as the 'Edith Bogue' or 'Bracken's Brown Beauty' varieties, which are fully hardy along the coastline of southern New England south of Boston.

It would... read more


On Nov 13, 2018, BorisBauer from Easley, SC wrote:

Often advertised as a compact, small evergreen magnolia, but in reality in time will easily grow to 24' or higher. The good news is that the width of the plant remains relatively column-tight in structure. 'Little Gem' blooms at an early age and tends to bloom from late Spring to early Fall. A choice tree for smaller garden settings or used in fencing in a border area.


On Nov 29, 2014, snowbound from Minneapolis, MN wrote:

I live in the frozen North, our winters are brutal; but I have a Little Gem magnolia in a large wooden container that I bring inside for the winter. So far I have had it for 2 years and it is beautiful, even now in November I have a flower blooming! I realize I probably won't be able to keep it surviving for ever but I will do my best. I will prune it a little next spring to keep it smaller, I adore southern magnolias and thought I would give this one a try, I have a lot of other magnolias which survive our winters outside, I definitely have a "thing" for all magnolias; but I love the large, glossy leaves of the southern ones and their larger flowers. So I keep telling my Little Gem how beautiful she is and hope I can keep her for a very long time.

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On Jan 19, 2014, billyvanbakker from Yonkers, NY wrote:

Wone this at a silent auction at The New York Botanical Garden 25 years ago. Planted it against my home, Eastern exposure. Have suffered some snow load damage. Now it's about 21'. This magnolia blooms from June till frost in my zone 7 NY garden. Best of all 3 southern magnolia cultivars I grow.


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On Jun 3, 2010, 1501island from Fort Lauderdale, FL wrote:

I planted this tree in a north facing patio in fort lauderdale,fl about a year ago. It gets about 6 or 7 hours of full sun in the summer, and no sun in the winter. I fed it as directed in the early spring and have enormous new leaf growth and about 8 blooms already. Does anyone know what is going on? there is so much leaf growth that hasn't laid down yet, the blooms don't have the room to fully open! Any feed back appreciated.


On Jul 24, 2006, janlark from Auburndale, FL (Zone 9b) wrote:

Gorgeous small tree, symmetrical, slow to moderate growth, bronze underside to foliage adds interest, although some don't like it. Very little pruning needed except to remove suckers. Blooms prolifically although blossoms are short lived. We have two.


On May 11, 2006, violabird from Barnesville, GA (Zone 8a) wrote:

I highly recommend Little Gem. Stuck in a pot for 5 months it survived hot, wet, dry and dusty, the hurricane winds and still kept blooming. The huge fragrant flowers smell like lemon and I currently have 6 buds right now @ 5', it blooms late spring to fall for me. The only problem is the Japanese Beetles like it too.


On Mar 5, 2005, TREEHUGR from Now in Orlando, FL (Zone 9b) wrote:

(Video) Nickodemus & Maharaj Trio - Southern Magnolia

According to the tag on the tree (from the nursery) the Little Gem is the fastest growing of them all. Even though it doesn't get that tall (max's out at about 20'), it's supposedly faster growing. I'm curious to know for sure if someone has compared the growth rate.


On Dec 6, 2004, mantis212 from Roslyn, NY (Zone 7a) wrote:

Dec 6, 2004
Here in Long island on the Sound side next to Queens, this amazing mini-evergreen tree has survived and thrived in some of my zone's (6/7) nastiest weather. This will be its third winter and not one leave has browned or dropped do to the cold. When I purchased my "Little Gem" from a mail-order web site, it was all of 18" tall and already WITH TWO BUDS! I only paid $9 for it ! It has bloomed all three seasons that it has been in the ground. It gives me one or two blooms constantly all growing season but amazingly it's had five blooms at once. These flowers are huge on such a small and young tree. At 5" to 6" each, just one flower open is stunning. In the time it has graced my garden, it has grown to around 4'. As a testiment to Little Gem's blooming season range, ... read more


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On Mar 15, 2004, patischell from Fort Pierce, FL (Zone 10a) wrote:

The Florida Nurserymen and Growers Association has just chosen this plant to be one of it's "Plant of the Year" This program was established in 1998 by the FNGA to promote underused but proven plant material. For a plant to be considered a Florida Plant of the Year, it must have good pest resistance, require reasonable care and be fairly easy to grow.


On Jun 17, 2003, akitakitty from Gonzales, LA wrote:

I purchased a 'little gem' shortly after they became available at local nurseries 9 years ago and had extremely good results with it. in spite of planting it near the canopy of a water oak. it is probably 12-14 feet tall now and other than the usual "leaf litter" i would recommend it. i also started one from seed (very easy to do)2 years ago and it is about 2 feet tall in a pot. the fact that i live in so. louisiana (which is similar to the tropics) probably benefits the rate of growth. they are extremely popular down here and are beautiful planted as an evergreen screen or in groups of three.


On Jan 6, 2003, WAYNEB wrote:

'Little Gem' is a popular cultivar. It is more compact and slower growing than the species, usually reaching about half the height of the species. Height in the northern part of its range ( zones 6 and 7 ) will be closer to 15' to 25' and in warmer areas may approach 40'. The leaves are also about half the size of the species while the flowers are approximately the
same full size as the species.

(Video) Maneli Jamal - Southern Magnolia


What does a Southern magnolia symbolize? ›

In the United States, the Magnolia tree symbolizes luck and stability. It's a staple in Southern gardens and delights people with its flowers in the early to mid-spring. In the east, the white blooms of the magnolia represent nobility and purity, while many of its parts are used in traditional folk medicine.

What is the best fertilizer for a southern magnolia tree? ›

Southern Magnolia are light feeders, however will benefit from fertilization. Feed in spring with a slow-release shrub & tree food, preferably one that contains Sulfur and/or Iron for deep greening of foliage. Alternatively, you can feed with a natural organic plant food.

What is the rarest magnolia? ›

One of the rarest and darkest varieties of Magnolia available at present, this magnificent Magnolia Black Tulip tree is truly a sight to behold when in bloom. The deep burgundy-purple flowers closely resemble tulips and can grow large, very large, up to 15cm across.

Which is the hardiest magnolia? ›

Magnolias for large gardens

Magnolia sieboldii or the Chinese magnolia is a very hardy, deciduous species. The scented flowers are cup-shaped and large with deep maroon centres. They have a long flowering season from May to September and the foliage is attractive and glossy.

What is the message of magnolia? ›

Magnolia Flower Symbolism

One of the primary meanings of magnolias revolves around endurance and perseverance.

What is special about a magnolia? ›

In the Chinese culture, the magnolia tree symbolizes purity and nobility. The tree was also known for its healing powers because in Traditional Chinese Medicine, magnolia bark was used as a sleep aid. In Japan, the magnolia flower is called Hanakotoba in the Japanese system of flower meanings.

Is Miracle Grow good for magnolia? ›

Feeding Magnolia Trees

If you are growing your magnolia tree in a pot then make sure to feed it throughout the growing season. Use a liquid ericaceous fertiliser, such as Miracle-Gro Liquid Ericaceous Plant food.

Can I use Miracle Grow on magnolia tree? ›

Can be used for a wide variety of garden fertilizing requirements. To see Magnolias through the rest of summer post-flowering, you need Miracle-Gro Shake N' Feed. Working this into the soil will increase nitrogen and potassium availability to ensure healthy foliage and resistance to pests and diseases.

Do Southern magnolias need a lot of water? ›

Irrigation is essential in dry climates in both the summer and winter. Magnolia prefers between 40 and 80 inches of water every year. Mulch will conserve soil moisture and speed penetration of water into the root zone. Irrigation water must be low in salt and boron or marginal leaf scorching will occur.

What is the prettiest magnolia? ›

Considered one of the most beautiful Magnolias, Magnolia denudata is a large deciduous shrub or small tree. Upright and cup-shaped when borne, its creamy to ivory white flowers gracefully open their 9-12 tepals as they mature, resembling lilies.

What is the most popular magnolia? ›

'Jane' Magnolia

This widely popular deciduous magnolia makes a large, multi-stemmed shrub or small tree, and is ideal as a specimen lawn tree.

Which magnolia smells the best? ›

10 Best Magnolia Perfumes
  • Best Seductive:Philosophy Amazing Grace Magnolia. ...
  • Best Long-Lasting:Jennifer Aniston J Spray. ...
  • Best Intoxicating:A-ScentRomantic Magnolia Eau De Parfum. ...
  • Best Refreshing:Bvlgari Splendida Magnolia Sensuel Eau De Parfum. ...
  • Best Spicy-Oriental:Moschino Women Eau De Toilette Spray.
4 Oct 2022

Where should you not plant a magnolia tree? ›

Magnolias prefer full sun to light shade. If you live in a particularly warm or dry climate, your magnolia might benefit from a location shaded from the hot afternoon sun. If possible, avoid exposed, windy locations because strong winds can damage large flowers and the typically brittle branches.

What is the best magnolia for a small garden? ›

Deciduous options

For small gardens, the more petite and delicate Japanese Magnolia stellata is perfect, and can also be grown in containers. It produces showy white flowers in spring that resemble a star and it's also slightly fragrant.

What time of year is best to plant a magnolia tree? ›

What time of year should you plant a Magnolia? Deciduous magnolias (those that drop their leaves in fall) are best planted when dormant, typically in late fall or winter in warmer climates and early spring in cold climates. Evergreen magnolias are best planted in early spring.

What does the name Magnolia mean? ›

What does Magnolia mean and stand for? The name Magnolia is of Latin origin and means "a flower." It is from the English word magnolia, which is the flower that was named for French botanist Pierre Magnol.

Who is the main character of Magnolia? ›


What do the frogs symbolize in Magnolia? ›

The ultimate intention in casting a storm of frogs upon Egypt in Exodus is to express the total power of God, and emphasize the complete surrender required to be a successful person and a person of faith.

Is magnolia poisonous? ›

We tested out further species in the table at our own risk as there is no known toxicity to magnolia (unless someone had an allergy) But please take care, and be moderate in all you do! Don't go juicing a ton of them or eating them three meals a day.

How long do magnolia trees live for? ›

It is thought that most southern magnolia trees (Magnolia grandiflora) have a life-span of 80-120 years, although the oldest tree on record is 320 years old in Italy.

Why do people love magnolia trees? ›

Magnolia trees are very symbolic and carry a lot of different meanings. Magnolia Trees symbolize nobility, perseverance, beauty, purity, endurance, love of nature, health, joy, and others.

Is Epsom salt good for magnolias? ›

Secondary only to moisture is the magnolia trees need for magnesium. The most common source of magnesium is Epsom salt.

Are coffee grounds Good for magnolia? ›

Fresh coffee is highly acidic, so may be useful for acid loving plants like magnolias and blueberries or for gardeners wanting to turn their hydrangeas blue.

Do coffee grounds help magnolia trees? ›

Coffee grounds are high in nitrogen, and as you may already know, magnolia trees love nitrogen. You can apply coffee grounds to your magnolia tree by mixing them in with the mulch, compost, or by mixing them with a liquid fertilizer.

How do you help a struggling magnolia tree? ›

For a mature magnolia tree, your options are more limited.
Frost Damage
  1. Soak the soil around the root zone of the plant. ...
  2. Set up a patio heater (if you have one) near the plant (but not so close that it heats the foliage). ...
  3. Spray an antitranspirant on the tree's leaves to offer some protection.
2 Sept 2022

How do I get more blooms on my magnolia tree? ›

Magnolia trees need a lot of sunlight to bloom. If your Magnolia tree is not getting enough sunlight, it might not flower. Be sure to plant your Magnolia tree in an area that gets plenty of sun. Magnolia trees also need the correct soil pH in order to bloom.

How do you increase magnolia growth? ›

Magnolias prefer a temperate climate, and a sunny spot with a northern or eastern aspect. Plant them at any time — propagate from cuttings in summer, sowing seed in autumn or grafting in winter. Keep magnolias well watered during dry and hot weather. Don't worry about pruning, as it only encourages vertical growth.

Can you overwater magnolia? ›

Yes, you can over-water your magnolia tree. Magnolias prefer soil that is moist. However, like many garden plants, their roots can drown if they are constantly kept in water. They can also develop fungal issues such as root rot, which can be detrimental to the tree's life.

Do southern magnolias have deep roots? ›

Magnolias typically grow to between 60 and 80 feet in height, and their root systems can spread up to 40 feet outward. While the magnolia root system is extensive, it doesn't go very deep into the ground. The roots grow horizontally rather than vertically, and they stay relatively close to the soil's surface.

Can you keep a Southern Magnolia small? ›

The good news is that magnolias don't grow very fast. It can take 20 years for them to reach 20 feet tall. Plus, keeping them in a planter with limited root space will also limit their top growth, especially with some judicious pruning.

Is a southern magnolia a messy tree? ›

ANSWER: Unfortunately, the southern magnolia tree is considered a messy tree by most standards. So you might want to keep looking if that's your biggest criteria. These trees drop their old leaves each spring and also drop seed pods during the later portion of summer.

Do magnolias prefer sun or shade? ›

Most magnolias prefer: full sun. fertile, moist, well-drained soil.

Which magnolia blooms the longest? ›

'Little Gem' magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora 'Little Gem') is known for its beautiful, large white blooms that last for six months out of the year.

Do you need 2 magnolia trees? ›

Magnolias are evergreen and grow up to 80 feet tall with a crown spreading 30 to 40 feet. You do not need to have a separate tree with male flowers in order for a magnolia to blossom.

What is the fastest growing magnolia? ›

Which Magnolia Tree Is The Fastest Growing? Of all of the magnolia trees you can plant throughout your yard, it's the Ssouthern magnolia that grows the fastest. Southern magnolia trees grow up to two feet per year, topping out the magnolia species growth rate.

How big do Southern magnolia trees get? ›

Mature Size

The southern magnolia grows to a height of 60–80' and a spread of around 40' at maturity.

Does southern magnolia smell? ›

What does magnolia smell like? Magnolia has a sweet floral fragrance that's lightly fruity, with some comparing the scent to that of Champagne. Its fresh yet relaxing aroma makes it incredibly popular in aromatherapy.

What is the nicest smelling plant? ›

The 10 Best-Smelling Plants for Your Garden
  • 01 of 11. Angel's Trumpet. The Spruce / Lisa Taylor. ...
  • 02 of 11. Jasmine. Close-up of Winter jasmine flowers (Jasminum Polyanthum). ...
  • 03 of 11. Plumeria. ...
  • 04 of 11. Honeysuckle. ...
  • 05 of 11. Dianthus. ...
  • 06 of 11. Gardenia. ...
  • 07 of 11. Mandevilla. ...
  • 08 of 11. Roses.
16 Feb 2021

Can you keep a magnolia tree small? ›

Always prune between mid-summer and early autumn when the leaves are fully open. If you need to limit the size of your magnolia, aim to maintain an open crown with a uniform shape. It's better to cut back to a fork or the trunk, which gives a better appearance.

How much space does a magnolia tree need? ›

Plant spacing

Come out from the house about 15 feet. If you're planting a row of D.D. Blanchard magnolias, place them about 10 feet apart for them to grow together - or 18 to 20 feet apart if you want each to stand alone. These trees will grow in large containers while young.

How far away from a fence should you plant a magnolia tree? ›

Since Magnolia Trees grow best with minimal invasion of other plants, it is best to also plant these at least 6 feet from fences or buildings, although 10 feet or more is preferable.

Are magnolia roots deep or shallow? ›

While magnolias have shallow roots, their roots are rarely the cause of damage to foundations. A smaller type of magnolia that may be better suited to backyards is the sweetbay magnolia (Magnolia virginiana), which can reach from 10 to 35 feet high and wide and is hardy in USDA zones 5 to 10.

What is the smallest southern magnolia? ›

Little Gem Magnolia

The Little Gem is the tree for you if you love the traditional Southern Magnolia, but don't have the space. This evergreen magnolia tree is a dwarf version of the Southern Magnolia. It only grows to about 20 feet tall and 10 feet wide, whereas its mom can grow over 60 feet tall and 40 feet wide!

What flowers pair well with magnolias? ›

You can also pair magnolias with roses, anemones, ranunculus and other blooms, or go for only magnolia leaves paired with various blooms and pampas grass. Magnolia blooms and leaves always give an interest to the bouquet, whatever you make it of it.

Where is the best place to plant a magnolia? ›

Magnolias grow best in fertile, well-drained, slightly acidic soil in full sun. Choose a sheltered spot that is not in a low-lying frost pocket – frost can damage the flowers. If you live in a cold part of the country, choose a variety that flowers later.

How long does it take for a magnolia tree to reach full height? ›

These trees might take another 10 to 20 years to reach their mature heights. Cultivar and growth rate may dictate that a magnolia attains maturity in between 10 to 30 years, but conditions of soil, moisture and environment might oblige the tree to take longer.

Where is the best place in the garden to plant a magnolia tree? ›

Light: Full sun to partial shade. Moist, peaty soil can help magnolias tolerate full sun. Water: Magnolias benefit from irrigation in the first few years, then they are tolerant of moderate drought. Space: Magnolias need room to grow to their full mature size and width.

What do purple magnolias symbolize? ›

Purple. Purple is often used as a way of showing dignity or feelings of spirituality. A magnolia tattoo of this color can also mean that you are a gifted person and you are truly connected to yourself.

What is the difference between a little gem and a southern magnolia? ›

The original southern magnolia, which can grow 60 feet tall and be 20 to 30 feet across, is too large for many gardens, while the Little Gem, as its name suggests, stays much smaller and more compact, growing to between 12 and 25 feet tall and only 6 to 8 feet across.

What is the meaning of the name magnolia? ›

What does Magnolia mean and stand for? The name Magnolia is of Latin origin and means "a flower." It is from the English word magnolia, which is the flower that was named for French botanist Pierre Magnol.

What is the most beautiful magnolia tree? ›

Yulan Magnolia (Magnolia denudata)

Considered one of the most beautiful Magnolias, Magnolia denudata is a large deciduous shrub or small tree. Upright and cup-shaped when borne, its creamy to ivory white flowers gracefully open their 9-12 tepals as they mature, resembling lilies.

Which flower means strength? ›

Gladiolus. Remembrance, faithfulness, and sincerity all are represented by the gladiolus. Their tall, strong stems symbolize a strength of character as well.

What are the cons of magnolia trees? ›

Its shallow roots spread wide and can cause damage to sidewalks and driveways; if relocated during construction, a magnolia will undergo significant damage and likely die.

Is southern magnolia fast growing? ›

This tree grows at a slow to medium rate, with height increases of anywhere from less than 12" to 24" per year.

Is magnolia a good girl name? ›

Magnolia, a sweet-smelling Southern belle of a name made famous via the iconic Edna Ferber novel and musical Showboat, is one of the latest wave of botanical names, along with unexpected blossoms Azalea and Zinnia.

What is a unique female name? ›

If you would like a name with a pretty sound, these unique girl names surely fit the bill.
  • Annalise. A combination of the name Anna and Lise, this name is simple, pretty, and unique.
  • Brigitta. ...
  • Charmaine. ...
  • Constance. ...
  • Geneviève. ...
  • Larisa. ...
  • Lorelei. ...
  • Lucinda.
11 Feb 2022

Is magnolia a boy or girl name? ›

Magnolia is an English name taken from the flower name.
Magnolia (given name)
Meaningflower name
1 more row


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