Gossip Girl, Blair/Chuck fic: Crush Crush Crush (2023)


Blair moaned softly as his hands raked through her long, dark hair, already tousled from earlier when he’d thrown her onto the bed. His lips were on her neck, his tongue against her skin and she could feel his soft, smooth fingers drifting over her bare arm. Her back arched and a shiver ran down her spine.

“How does that feel, my princess?”

The murmur in her ear brought a gasp to her lips and her eyes closed as her body arched upward on its own accord into the hard body above her. She summoned her voice, though.

“Shut up, Bass,” she said, her voice wavering only slightly when his fingers dragged across her bare stomach. Her tone was attempting to be firm but the wavering breath at the end ruined it.

Opening her eyes, she could see the curl of his mouth and the glimmer in his dark eyes as he loomed above her. He brought his hand to her thigh, her leg was wrapped not-so-innocently around his leg, slid in-between hers, and gave it a squeeze.

Her only response was a cold look in return. The smirk on his face was smug and Blair wanted more than anything to get rid of it. There were only two ways of doing that to Chuck Bass and one wouldn’t get her what she wanted.

He opened his mouth to speak again but before a syllable left his lips, Blair had moved forward and pressed her lips to his. Her lips were soft and sweet and had an innocence about their taste. Her lips tasted like strawberry lemonade, Chuck knew from her favorite lip gloss.

His fingers were tangled in her hair as he kissed her hard, pressing their lips together in lust-driven passion. He liked the way her hands clutched at his bare shoulders, the way her body moved against his, so small and comfortable.

His hand was still on her thigh and his fingers tightened as she moaned against his mouth. He pulled away from her lips with a nip and his mouth slid to her neck, tasting the sweet flesh, drinking in her perfume.

The silken sheets of Blair’s bed felt smooth against his skin as he pressed her further onto it. She looked beautiful beneath him, her taut stomach moving quickly as she took breaths when they parted. Her milky skin contrasted her dark hair and gleaming eyes. Her lip gloss was smudged and her lips were parted. She looked the perfect part to be his girl.

“Bass,” she said commandingly and he shook his head, realizing he’d been staring at her. “Stop staring and do something.”

The smirk was brought back to his lips almost immediately as he leaned into her neck, brushing his lips against her jaw. “Eager for a release?” he asked, the smugness evident in his voice.

He knew he had Blair Waldorf at his mercy, and he could have her begging for it if he really tried. The dark glimmer in her eyes, though, told him today was not the day for it.

So far, their relationship was a secret, if you could even call it a relationship, that was. Mostly it was a lot of making out and some sex. Not that the sex wasn’t good, but it was all a bit different for Chuck. He’d hardly been with the same girl more than once, but Blair had always been the exception for him.

Ever since Chuck’s first day of elementary school, Blair had been his friend. They’d had their ups and downs but in the end, they were very much alike. However, it wasn’t the qualities they shared that Chuck admired.

He liked her silly romantic ideas about love and forever, even if he always mocked her for them. He liked the way she dressed up simply to go to the park. He liked the way she watched him during class some days, knowing that afterward in his limo, they would have time to play.

Blair was making a desperate noise as he sucked on her neck, his teeth nipping at the soft skin, leaving a mark she would have to hide. Her red fingernails dug into his tan shoulder and her head fell back, exposing more of her neck to his mouth.

She was clinging to him, her mouth open and gasps falling from her perfectly pink lips. Her leg was hooked around his own, her plaid skirt falling up to reveal more of her thigh. Chuck’s hand still gripped the warm flesh as he bit her neck, using his other hand to brush away a lock of her dark hair.

“Mmm, Blair,” he breathed into her ear, his voice dark and smooth.

She bit her lip and arched into his body, leaning in and biting his ear. “God, Bass,” she whispered, “just do something already.”

“As you command,” he murmured, stroking back her hair and pressing a kiss to her jaw.

Moving down, his lips grazed her throat, down her collar bone and to her chest. His fingers tugged at her black bra strap, pulling it over her bare shoulder as he kissed her chest. He could feel her fingers in his hair, on the back of his neck as he moved down, his own fingers sliding the bra straps down.

His mouth was pressed against her stomach and his tongue slid over her belly button, nipping at the taut skin, when there was a knock on the door.

“Yes?” Blair replied to the knock, her answer cut-off by her gasp.

“Ms. Blair,” came the voice of Blair’s maid, “Mr. Nathan is here to see you.”

“Can it wait?” Blair asked, trying to keep her voice steady and add a touch of impatience to it.

“He is here now,” the maid said. “I’ll go get him.”

“No!” Blair said, but the maid had already turned from the door. Panicking, Blair sat up, pushing Chuck along with her. “Bass, get out, hide!”

“Where?” he drawled, sitting up as she scrambled off the bed, hastily pulling her bra straps and seizing her shirt from the floor, pulling it on and doing up the buttons. Sighing in frustration when Chuck just sat on the bed, she threw his shirt at him and pushed him off, trying at the same time to fix her hair that was wild and messy. She rubbed at her smudged makeup and tried to straighten her skirt.

Footsteps could be heard on the staircase outside and Blair glared at Chuck, who was pulling his own shirt on rather slowly. “Bass!” she exclaimed, turning him by the shoulders and shoving him to her bathroom, slamming the door behind him just as there was a knock on the door.

“Blair?” Nate’s voice came through the door.

She whipped around from the bathroom door and hastily ran a hand through her hair once more. Shaking it from her face, she took a calming breath and moved to her door. Opening it, she found Nate standing on the threshold, looking apologetic.

“Nate,” she said, taking breaths to calm her breathing. She was still flushed from before, but she hoped he didn’t notice. “What are you doing here?”

Nate hesitated a moment before stepping into the room. Blair opened her mouth to protest but couldn’t really and let him walk into the room. She bit her lips as she shut the door behind him and turned. Behind Nate, her bed was a complete mess. The silk sheets were wrinkled and Blair’s eyes widened as she caught sight of Chuck’s scarf thrown casually over her bedpost.

Hoping Nate didn’t notice, she smiled sweetly at him. “What do you want?”

“I want to apologize,” he said slowly.

“For what?” she asked, her eyes flicking back to the scarf but then moving back to Nate when he cleared his throat.

“For your birthday.”

“What about it?” Blair asked, her tone colder. She remembered her birthday perfectly clearly and didn’t need him to relive it again.

“I should have called or come.”

“Yes, you should have,” Blair replied, crossing her arms across her chest and flipping her hair back.

Nate was looking at the floor and nodded. “I’m sorry. There were just things happening at home and I didn’t want you to have to deal with them.” He glanced up at her, his eyes pleading.

“Really?” she asked sarcastically. “So instead you ruined my birthday? Yes, that made me feel so much better, Nate.”

He had the decency to look ashamed and was looking anywhere but her. When he finally did look back at her, he sighed. “I didn’t mean to. You know I—what’s that on your neck?”

“What?” Blair asked, her hand flying to her neck. It was the spot Chuck had bit just a few minutes before. “I… burned myself with the curling iron,” she lied quickly.

Nate just nodded distractedly, looking away from her again.

Inwardly, Blair grumbled at Chuck for leaving a mark. She would yell at him later. She was hardly listening as Nate spoke, her eyes still on Chuck’s scarf, hoping to God Nate didn’t notice. She bit her lip as her eyes moved to the crumpled sheets on her bed and to her dresser, her eyes falling on the necklace Chuck had given her for her birthday.

She swallowed as her eyes fell on it, sitting in the dark blue box on the dresser. It was right next to where Nate stood and if he just looked a little to his right, he would see it.

“… so do you forgive me?”

Blair’s eyes snapped to Nate and she just stared at him for a minute. “Forgive you?” she asked, her hand falling from her neck to her side. “After what you did?”

Nate shrugged helplessly and turned towards her dresser, his fingers playing idly with a bobby pin. “I’m really sorry.”

Blair just glared at him, momentarily forgetting her worry about Chuck in her bathroom. “If you were sorry, you would have at least called me on my birthday.”

“I told you,” he said, still pushing things around on her dresser. “I wanted to.”

“Stop lying, Nate,” Blair said sternly, feeling the tears coming to her eyes. She had cried enough over him already.

Nate stilled in looking at her things at the tone of her voice. “I-I’m not lying.”

“Yes, you are,” she said, her voice wavering. “I know about your father and the deal with my mother and what were going to do with me.”

Nate still didn’t look at her, his eyes lingering on the desk and moving to the necklace. He paused as he took in the sparkling diamonds. “Who gave you that?” he asked.

“Don’t try to avoid the question,” Blair commanded, a slight thrill of panic running through her stomach when he mentioned the necklace. “And it was a gift from someone who actually cared enough to come to my party.”

Nate looked put in his place and removed his fingers from the necklace. Turning back to Blair, he ran a hand through his hair and sighed. “Blair, why don’t you believe me?”

“Because I know you aren’t telling the truth.” Blair turned from him to stare at the opposite wall. She was wishing Nate would just leave already. She didn’t know how much longer she could restrain the tears, or the fear that Chuck would burst out of the bathroom and reveal everything.

“Blair…” she heard Nate come up behind her and she winced as he placed his hands on her shoulders, then took them away just as quickly at her movement.

She moved away from him and he turned to follow her. “Just leave me alone, Nate.”

“Come on, Blair,” he said. “Can’t we go back to how it was?”

“You mean when you use me for your father’s means?” Blair asked, glaring at him. “I don’t know, Nate. It seems tempting but I’d really rather not.”

Nate sighed and looked around the room, casting for something to say to convince her. He frowned as his eyes fell on the bed.

“Is that Chuck’s scarf?” he asked, moving forward and reaching for it.

Blair’s eyes widened as she saw him reaching for it. “No, I mean, yes, but he just left it here. I haven’t returned it yet.”

“He left it here?” Nate asked, fingering the material. “Chuck never leaves his scarf anywhere.”

Blair felt her stomach contract and she hurried over, pushing Nate away from the scarf. “Don’t be stupid, Nate,” she said, rolling her eyes and forcing down the feeling of panic in her stomach. “He just forgot it here.”

Nate stopped walking as Blair tried to push him to the door. “Wait, Blair, what’s going on?”

“Nothing,” she said, forcing a smile and opening the door for him.

“No, is there something going on with Chuck?”

“Of course not,” Blair chided him. She gave him another push towards the door, glancing back at the bathroom door to make sure it was shut and Chuck was safely inside.

“Are you sure?” Nate asked, turning at the door. “How could you do that?”

“I didn’t do anything,” she protested, glaring at him. “And besides, if I did, it wouldn’t be Chuck.”

Nate gave her a concerned look. “Have you been with someone else?”

Blair rolled her eyes and crossed her arms across her chest. “No,” she said firmly. “Why do you care anyway? We broke up.”

“Well, I still care about you,” Nate said slowly.

Blair laughed derisively. “Yes, you’ve shown that well, haven’t you? Will you just go?”

“Blair,” he said softly. “Just tell me you’re okay.”

“I’m fine,” she said. “Perfectly fine, Nate. So just go.”

“Why do you want me to go so badly?”

Blair sighed in frustration. “You never listen. I’m tired of this.”

“Should I take Chuck’s scarf to him?” Nate asked, heading back to the bed.

“No,” Blair said quickly and he turned to her, an eyebrow raised. “I mean, I’ll just give it to him.”

Nate hesitated then dropped his hand from where it had been outstretched to pluck the scarf from the post. “Listen, Blair, if something is going on, can’t you just tell me?”

“Nothing is going on, Na—“ Blair started to say but cut herself off as the bathroom door swung open and her mouth fell open.

Chuck was standing there, his shirt still only half-buttoned, his hair mussed. Blair was staring at him in horror and looked to Nate, seeing him staring at Chuck, clearly confused.

“What?” Nate asked, looking from Chuck to Blair. Blair was biting her lip and glaring at Chuck. She caught Nate’s eye, though, and looked away, ashamed.

Chuck stepped out of the bathroom, his feet bare, and it was just then that Blair noticed Chuck’s shoes at the foot of her bed. He was looking at Nate. “Hey, man, what’s up?”

Nate just stared at him, his mouth slightly open.

Blair glared at Chuck. “Bass,” she hissed. “What are you doing?”

“I think Nate deserves to know the truth,” Chuck said casually, sitting down on the bed and pulling his scarf off the bedpost. It slid like water off the post and through his hands.

“What are you doing here, man?” Nate asked, then turned to Blair. “You said he left his scarf here.”

“I—“ Blair said, trying to come up with an excuse. Inside, she was burning with anger at Chuck, who sat on the foot on her bed, twining the scarf around his neck. She wanted nothing more than to take it by the ends and strangle him so hard it left the plaid imprint on his neck.

“I did,” Chuck said smoothly, standing up. “Blair was nice enough to keep it for me. I just came by to pick it up when you got here.”

“Why are you only half-dressed?”

Chuck slid on his shoes and glanced at Nate. “You know how it is,” he said with a smirk and a sideways glance at Blair. Blair stared at him and looked away as Nate looked at her.

“Blair…” Nate said slowly, piecing things together.

Blair’s stomach jumped and she moved quickly, seizing Nate by the arm and pushing him towards the door. “I think you should go,” she said hastily, shoving him to the door. “Sorry, Nate, I… I’ll talk to you later.” She gave him a shove and shut the door on his confused face.

Leaning against it, she tilted her head to the floor, closed her eyes, and sighed deeply. She heard Chuck move from the bed and felt his presence loom in front of her. At his hands on her shoulders, she shrugged them off and pushed him away, her head snapping up and her eyes burning furiously.

“You just had to come out, didn’t you? He was almost gone but now he’s going to know! I hate you, Chuck Bass!”

“You don’t hate me,” Chuck said smoothly, turning to watch her sit down on her bed angrily, crossing her legs and glaring at him. He moved to the bed and sat down next to her. She turned away and scooted away. “You’ll be thanking me later.”

Blair huffed. “I doubt that. You just can’t keep anything to yourself, can you?”

Au contraire,” Chuck breathed, his hand going to her shoulder and pushing back her hair to reveal the red mark on her neck. She jerked away at his touch but didn’t move away. His thumb grazed the red skin and he smiled softly. “I can keep anything I want for myself.”

Blair rolled her eyes but didn’t push away his fingers that grazed over her neck and up her jaw, sliding into her hair.

“Don’t you believe me, Waldorf?”

Blair sighed, her eyes on the diamond necklace on her dresser. She felt him press a kiss to her neck and she paused, her eyes closing for a second before she snapped herself to reality.

“No, Chuck,” she said, pushing him back. She frowned at him. He was watching her seriously, his fingers still twisted around a lock of hair, waiting. “It doesn’t work like that. You can’t just apologize and make it better.”

“Who said I was apologizing?” Chuck asked. “I’m not like dear Nathaniel. I know what I’m doing.”

“Do you really?” Blair asked, turning toward him. She looked vulnerable as she waited for his answer. She didn’t move when he scooted towards her and took her face in his hand, guiding her chin up.

“Yes,” he said, pressing his lips to hers softly. When he pulled away, it only took a second for Blair to wrap her arms around his neck and pull him back to her lips.

“You better know what you’re doing,” she whispered before kissing him hard.

Outside the door, Nate took a step back and blinked. Haltingly, he turned and left down the stairs, saying a short goodbye to the maid and shutting the double doors behind him.


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