Does arrow die in the cellist of sarajevo? (2023)

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Arrow, a sniper for the Sarajevo militia, watches three soldiers through the scope of her gun. ... With each person the soldiers are able to kill, a bit more of the Sarajevo that Arrow remembers dies.

How does the cellist of Sarajevo end?

That night, Arrow waits in her apartment for the soldiers to come get her. She has protected the cellist through his 22 day memorial. She now reclaims her old name – Alisa – and accepts death rather than continuing to kill out of hatred.

What does arrow represent in the Cellist of Sarajevo?

Nermin takes Arrow to a street in the heart of the city where a mortar shell destroyed a bakery and killed 22 people not long ago. ... In the gray of besieged Sarajevo—which represents the bleak monotony of wartime—the cellist's colored instrument reminds Arrow of the past emotion and happiness of the city.

How does arrow protect the cellist?

She was hired as a sniper, tasked with defending the city from the siege, but her talents were then moved to a different project. She was tasked with defending the cellist during his performance. As the ice cream represents Arrow before the war her rifle represents who she is during the war.

Does Emina die?

Emina gets shot by a sniper, showing Dragan how hard it is to behave heroically, as he is unable to do anything to protect or help her.

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Does Arrow die in the Cellist of Sarajevo?

Arrow, a sniper for the Sarajevo militia, watches three soldiers through the scope of her gun. ... With each person the soldiers are able to kill, a bit more of the Sarajevo that Arrow remembers dies.

How do you pronounce Emina?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Emina. ey-MIY-Naa. em-i-na.
  2. Meanings for Emina. Faithful, honorable, dependable. It is an Albanian feminine name.
  3. Examples of in a sentence. Emina Sin Dealcoholised 12 Meses Barrica, Ribera del Duero, Spain. Emina MALAGICH. ...
  4. Translations of Emina. Korean : 에미나 Chinese : 埃米娜

Why does arrow change her name in Cellist of Sarajevo?

The siege of Sarajevo changes the perspective of Arrow, allowing the reader to emphasize by Arrow changing her identity to cope with herself. Arrow changing her name is how she survives, changing the perspective of herself to what she now is 'I am Arrow because I hate them; the women you knew hated nobody'.

What is Arrow's real name The Cellist of Sarajevo?

Mueller, Bethany. "The Cellist of Sarajevo Characters: Arrow (Alisa)." LitCharts.

What does water symbolize in the Cellist of Sarajevo?

The water jugs symbolizes the hardship and the weight that Kenan carry on his shoulders literally and symbolically. to get water he need those jugs. to get water, he need to face his fear of death by going to places where he can fetch water for his family and his grumpy neighbor, Mrs. Ristovski.

How is hope represented in the Cellist of Sarajevo?

In The Cellist of Sarajevo, written by Steven Galloway, hope is a recurring theme that is apparent throughout the novel. This theme enables the citizens of Sarajevo to survive the war through means of showing support to one another, and allows them to envision themselves in a better situation in the future.

What is the theme of The Cellist of Sarajevo?

Art, Culture, and Civilization

In The Cellist of Sarajevo, Galloway portrays art and culture as the core of civilization. He treats them not as luxuries, but as necessities that offer access to a universal humanity that both makes life worth living and combats the hatred exacerbated by war.

Where does Kenan get water?

A hundred of people are in line when Kenan arrives, and he is happy that it isn't more crowded. A system of tubes and hoses brings the water up from the brewery's basement so that about twenty people can get water at a time outside the brewery building.

Is The Cellist of Sarajevo true?

The whole tale behind The Cellist of Sarajevo is a fictional work based on the true story of Vedran Smajlovic who actually played Adagio in G Minor for 22 days to mark the death of each of the 22 people killed in the street queuing for bread.

When the bomb destroys the building what does the cellist put on?

Albinoni's Adagio Symbol Analysis. After a mortar attack kills 22 people, the Cellist decides to play a piece of music called Albinoni's Adagio in the open square for 22 days to commemorate the victims.

What does Steven Galloway want us to understand about the real cellist of Sarajevo?

These are, in fact, the two main themes Galloway says he hopes readers will glean from The Cellist of Sarajevo. “One is to understand what happens to the world and us as individuals when we abdicate responsibility for who we hate. As individuals we're very careful about whom we choose to love.

How old is Dragan in Cellist of Sarajevo?

The other two are 62-year-old Dragan, who has a coveted job at a bakery, and Kenan, a middle-aged man who lives like a hostage in his apartment with his wife and children, venturing out every few days only for water.

Who is Dragan The Cellist of Sarajevo?

An elderly bakery worker, Dragan has become emotionally closed-off as a way of protecting himself from the trauma of war. After sending his wife, Raza, and son, Davor, to live safely in Italy, Dragan isolates himself in the city. He reawakens to his own emotions after running into his old friend Emina.

Who is the protagonist in the Cellist of Sarajevo?

It is narrated in the third person and follows the perspectives of four characters: the cellist, Galloways' titular character; Arrow, a young military woman; Kenan, a young father and husband; and Dragan, an old bakery worker who is alone in the city. It is about the struggle to defend humanity and hope in wartime.

How many jugs does Kenan take with him to fill with water?

Kenan gathers the water jugs he will fill at the brewery, making sure there are no cracks. He considers how many containers to take, settling on six—that way, Kenan can take two extra bottles for his elderly neighbor Mrs. Ristovski.

What is the main purpose of Kenan's story?

A middle-aged father who attempts to protect his family during the siege, Kenan's mission during the novel is to get water for his household and for his elderly neighbor, Mrs. Ristovski.

Who does Dragan meet on the street?

Emina sees Dragan and rushes toward him. Dragan briefly considers rushing into the street to avoid saying hello, but keeps himself from risking his life that way. Dragan greets Emina, as Emina asks after Dragan's wife Raza.

What is Galloway suggesting about the power of music?

Rather, by showing people from every walk of life in Sarajevo (even a Bosnian Serb soldier) enjoying the cellist's music, Galloway suggests that music and culture are uniting forces; they're the best antidote to the hatred of war.

What is the link between humanity and war in the Cellist of Sarajevo?

While war is a conflict between opposing sides, Galloway suggests that it is also an attack upon people's sense of individual and communal humanity. And so, the novel suggests that once the war eventually ends, it is only the civilians with their humanity intact who can have any hope of rebuilding Sarajevo.

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