15 Best Upcoming Battle Royale Games (2023)

Since the launch and popularity of PUBG, battle royale games have taken the gaming industry by a storm. Apex Legends which is the latest game to join the fold of battle royale games has already crossed 50 million daily players and it’s only one month old. Players want to compete with other players around the world and battle royale games provide the perfect opportunity to do so. Thanks to the popularity of battle royale format, there are many battle royale games which are slated to release in near future. Here are the 15 best upcoming battle royale games that you should keep an eye out for:

Best Upcoming Battle Royale Games

1. Fractured Lands

15 Best Upcoming Battle Royale Games (1)

If PUBG and Mad Max had a baby, the result will be the upcoming battle royale game, the “Fractured Lands”. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the game gives players access to multiple vehicles which they have to use to escape the closing storm and kill other players to win the game. In the game, not only you can gather weapon and armor for yourself but you can also upgrade vehicles. Vehicles are your best friend and fuel is your lifeline. This is the bloody race that you have been waiting for. The game is available to pre-order on steam right now.

Pre-order on Steam: $24.99

2. Mavericks Proving Grounds

15 Best Upcoming Battle Royale Games (2)

Mavericks Proving Grounds is the biggest battle royale game that is about to be launched. While most other battle royale games allow at most 100 players to play, the Mavericks Proving Grounds will drop in 1000 players in a map spanning over 150 square kilometers. The gameplay has been altered to match this vastness where you can hunt players down with their tracks, discover and extract loot, display your achievements, meet and trade with others, and complete objectives and milestones to attain exclusive cosmetics, ranks, and titles for your Maverick. The game is slated to release sometime in 2019 but you can join the beta and play it now.

Join Mavericks Proving Grounds Beta

3. Dying Light: Bad Blood Battle Royale

15 Best Upcoming Battle Royale Games (3)

Dying Light: Bad Blood Battle Royale is a mix of PvP and PvE battle royale game where you have to fight both other payers and zombies to win the game. You are dropped into the map with eleven other players where your objective is to collect blood samples from zombies. After a set time, a helicopter will come for exfil but the catch is that it can take only one player. Your only choice is to kill all the other players so that you can get out of the zombie land alive. Apart from gunfights, the game features versatile parkour skills, and brutal melee combat.

Get Early Access on Steam: $19.99

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4. SpellBreak

15 Best Upcoming Battle Royale Games (4)

SpellBreak is the most gorgeous battle royale game that I have ever laid eyes on. If you are bored by the same gunfight based battle royale games than you will love SpellBreak as in this game you will fight with your spells. In the game, you will collect magical artifacts such as gauntlets, amulets, belts, shoes, and more each of which will grant you different abilities. You will use these artifacts to craft spells based on different elements such as fire, water, wind, frost, and more. The game offers epic battle with gorgeous graphics. It’s available in closed alpha now and you should definitely try it.

Join Closed Alpha

5. Battlefield 5 Firestorm

15 Best Upcoming Battle Royale Games (5)

The critically acclaimed Battlefield game is getting its own battle royale game format. Dubbed as Battlefield 5 Firestorm, the game brings squad play and vehicular combat. The game mixes the shrinking circle aspect of battle royale genre with its trademark Battlefield elements such as team play, powerful vehicles, and destruction. The game will be played by 16 squads of four players each. Apart from fighting other squads, you will also have to complete objectives which will grant rare loot and better gear. You can pre-order the gamer right now to get extra perks such as special paratrooper outfights, assignments, and more.

Buy Now on Origin: $59.99

6. Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse

15 Best Upcoming Battle Royale Games (6)

Since there a ton of traditional battle royale games already available online, game studios are now working to expand the last man standing genre by blending it with existing popular genres. Ashes of Creation is once such title, which is a hotly anticipated MMORPG game among the community, but its developer Intrepid Studios is working to merge the fantasy and battle royale genre into a free-to-play “Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse” experience. You will be dropped in Verra, a dying world that’s on the verge of extinction, and you have to use the vast array of medieval armory, magical spells, and tread through a massive destructible environment to be the lone survivor.

Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse is already in open beta and you can register to test it out right away. The testing isn’t live at the moment, but stay tuned for a word on the same.

Try Out Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse (Free)

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7. Egress

15 Best Upcoming Battle Royale Games (7)

Egress is an upcoming battle royale game which offers a Heroes-based PVP arena with a focus on melee battles. Each hero has unique abilities, fighting styles, and weapons so choose your hero wisely. The game takes place in a multi-level city where you can explore houses, stores, bars, clinics, sewer tunnels and much more to gather loot. It offers an elaboratecombat system based on attacks and dodges, ability combinations, as well as strengths and weaknesses of the characters, their roles, and equipment.

Get Early Access on Steam: $14.99

8. Planetside Arena

15 Best Upcoming Battle Royale Games (8)

The next battle royale game on the list is called Planetside Arena which plunges you into a sci-fi arena shooter. You can choose between different classes of characters, customize its appearance, and deck it out with weapons and armor. You will drop onto a planet called Auraxis where you will drop using a spaceship and your personal drop-pods. You can choose to play either solo or in a team of three or even as a part of a large combat group. Everything in the game gives a sci-fi vibe with a neon-colored spaceship to jet packs, to ultra-advanced weapons. If you love sci-fi games and battle royale then you are going to love this.

Available: Summer 2019

9. Stormdivers

15 Best Upcoming Battle Royale Games (9)

Stormdivers is a 3rd person multiplayer-centric shooter game, featuring chaotic battles and volatile explosions amidst a recurring nano-storm that swallows the beautiful and lush island surroundings to explore. The game features various sci-fi elements as your characters can gain different abilities along with external gears such as jet packs and more. It features epic battles and beautiful and colorful graphics with very fast-paced gameplay. Not much information is available on this game but it’s in beta so you can join an explore it yourself.

Join Beta

10. Proxima Royale

15 Best Upcoming Battle Royale Games (10)

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Proxima Royale is yet another sci-fi based battle royale game which is set on the exoplanet Proxima Centauri b. It features a massive open world with action-packed multiplayer battles featuring futuristic guns and exoskeleton suits. The graphics on the game is powered by Unreal Engine 4 so you know that you will be getting amazing graphics here. In the game, you will join a large-scale battle with your squad where you will loot weapons, drive vehicles, and kill enemies to survive. From its trailer, it seems to be a pretty good battle royale game.

Join Closed Beta: Free

11. Not My Car

15 Best Upcoming Battle Royale Games (11)

Not My Car is a battle royale for cars. You will glide your car directly into the match as you pick your landing zone. Weapons cache are distributed all over the islands which you can pick up by driving over. From the paint job to flag to design, you can customize each and every aspect of your car to make it your own. There’s nothing more to say about this game. If you have seen the Death Match movie, you will get an inkling about what type of game this is going to be.

Join the Beta: Free

12.NAR – Not Another Royale

15 Best Upcoming Battle Royale Games (12)

NAR or Not Another Royale is a battle royale game which takes a little different take on the genre. It offers low-poly graphics along with multiple game modes. Each game mode has its own targets and you will have to achieve them to get closer to victory. A hundred players drop in via parachute and you will have to be the last one alive to win. You can play this game as a solo, duo, or in teams of three and four. It also features a new Death Match mode where two teams fight against each other. Overall, it’s looking like a good game.

Get Early Access on Steam: Free

13. Valhall

15 Best Upcoming Battle Royale Games (13)

Valhall is a battle royale game which is based in the medieval age. This means that instead of using guns and grenades, you will be using bow and arrow, swords, axes, and more to kill your opponents. In the game, you are one of the survivors from the last battle of Odin’s army. All your brothers have lost their lives in the battle and an apocalypse is approaching. Your aim as a warrior is to fight other players to save Valhall and Midgard from a complete destruction. The game is currently available for pre-order.

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Pre-Order Valhall at IndieGoGo: Starts at $25

14. Battle for It All

15 Best Upcoming Battle Royale Games (14)

Battle For It All is a survival battle royale which is being developed with the help of community feedback. In the game, players must find weapons and fight animals, players, and other threats until the last man standing survives. The game follows the story of a catastrophic disaster causing riots, mayhem, and destruction. For surviving in this world, players are asked to drop down onto an island where they have to last man standing to win game coins which they can spend to customize their character.

Get Early Access Now: Free

15. Out of Reach: Treasure Royale

15 Best Upcoming Battle Royale Games (15)

The last upcoming battle royale game on the list is the “Out of reach: Treasure Royale” where you are a pirate who is going against other pirates to win the treasure. In the game, dozens of pirate crews face each other on the open sea, jungle islands, and dark caves. You will have to navigate your ship, bombard enemies, find gear and hunt for treasures. The game is quite interesting and I am eagerly waiting for it.

Available in 2020

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Join The Battle With These Awesome Battle Royale Games

These upcoming battle royale games are going to keep every gamer busy for the foreseeable future. Do check them out, join the betas of the ones available and let us know which is your favorite upcoming battle royale game by writing in the comments section below.


What is the best battle royale game 2022? ›

Best battle royale games 2022
  • Apex Legends.
  • Fortnite.
  • Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout.
  • PlayerUnknown.
  • Call of Duty Warzone.
  • We also considered.
  • FAQs.
  • You might like.
4 days ago

What is the No 1 battle royale game? ›

Topping off our list is Apex Legends, a battle royale game that has garnered success from the moment it launched.

What battle royale game has the most players 2021? ›

In February 2021, Fortnite generated 127 million hours of watched online video content, ranking first among all the battle royale games across major live streaming platforms worldwide.

What is the hardest battle royale game? ›

Thanks to what it did for the battle royale genre, a happy helping of intensity and all-time classic gun play, PUBG makes it to number two on our list. While choosing the absolute “best” battle royale game is difficult and comes down to personal preference, Apex Legends makes the strongest case.

What is the most successful battle royale? ›

Battle Royale Games Leaderboard
#NameViewer Hours
1Apex Legends13,332,299
3Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare8,219,554
6 more rows

Which is no 1 game in world? ›

What PC Games Are People Playing Right Now?
Game titlePublisher
1.MinecraftMojang Studios
2.The Sims 4Electronic Arts
3.FortniteEpic Games
4.Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveValve
16 more rows

Which game did PUBG copied? ›

Yeah! After Pubg lost all its fame to Fortnite , They started to copy some exclusive features of Fortnite such as Emotes and that Battle pass (whatever it is called in Pubg) and small map (Sanhok) (copying Fortnite's small map concept). What is better, Fortnite or PUBG?

Is PUBG still popular 2022? ›

Are People Still Playing PUBG in 2022? It has been one of the most popular games on Steam and has over 527 thousand top players last month recorded April 2022. So, yes people are still playing the game in 2022 as well.

Is there any game better than PUBG? ›

Fortnite is one of the biggest games in the world, and the battle royale which knocked Player Unknown's Battlegrounds off of its throne back in 2018. The thing is, if you're looking for games like PUBG, you can't really go wrong with Fortnite.

Who has the biggest battle royale map? ›

Verdict – Which is the Best Battle Royale for Map Size? PUBG has the biggest maps, and Apex has the smallest. However, which of these two is better for you depends on how you like to play.

Which is best PUBG or free fire? ›

PUBG uses realistic and smooth graphics while Free Fire is more like an animated action shooting game. Both the games have the best characters as per their requirements and also a number of vehicles.

What is the most popular BR in 2022? ›

5 most popular Battle Royale games as of 2022
  • Like.
  • Excited.
  • Happy.
  • Anxious.
  • Angry.
  • Sad.

What is the easiest battle royale? ›

Zombs Royale might be the perfect place to start if you've never played a Battle Royale game before - it's free, easy to learn, and you can play it right from your browser. It won't take up 100s of GB like Warzone. Zombs Royale is a bit of a browser classic, falling firmly into the category of wildly successful .

Is Fortnite harder than cod? ›

The main takeaway is that Fortnite is easier than Warzone, due in part to the skill-based matchmaking.

Is Apex or Fortnite harder? ›

The streamer went on a long rant talking about what separates each BR from one another. He said that Apex is harder than Warzone but Fortnite is by far the hardest of them all. NICKMERCS says that controller players are doing so much more in Fortnite than in any other BR.

Which battle royale game has the best graphics? ›

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile doesn't need an introduction due to its popularity all around the globe. It is also considered as one of best Battle Royale games for Android and other platforms by millions of players. PUBG Mobile is mainly known for its intense action gameplay and impressive graphics.

What is the newest battle royale game? ›

Rumbleverse is the latest game to put a unique spin on the hit battle royale genre by focusing on wrestling rather than shooting.

Which is the No 1 battle royale game in India? ›

Best Battle Royale games in India
NameGameplay featuresDownload links
FOGMedieval weapons like bows, swords, and spearsAndroid, iOS
Battlelands RoyaleEach round lasts for 3 to 5 minutesAndroid, iOS
Zombsroyale.ioMany unique game modesAndroid, iOS
Pixel's Unknown Battle GroundMassive map and a lot of skinsAndroid, iOS
6 more rows

Is PUBG still popular 2022? ›

Are People Still Playing PUBG in 2022? It has been one of the most popular games on Steam and has over 527 thousand top players last month recorded April 2022. So, yes people are still playing the game in 2022 as well.

Will fall guys be free? ›

Play Fall Guys for free on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and the Epic Games Store!

Is free fire better than PUBG? ›

PUBG Mobile is based on Unreal Engine while Garena Free Fire Max is based on Unity. PUBG Mobile is much sharper; it's cleaner and has a more realistic feel, unlike Free Fire which sports a different art style. It's more vibrant, cartoonish, and looks more like Fortnite than PUBG.

Is Fortnite still popular? ›

With more than 80.4 million Fortnite monthly active users and up to 4 million concurrent players every day, Fortnite is the most popular battle royale game in 2022. With the massive cumulative tournament prize pool of $7.88 million in 2020, Fortnite is the third leading eSports game in the world.

Is PUBG popular in USA? ›

First released at the start of 2017, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) has quickly gained a legion of followers across the world, most notably in the United States. Almost one quarter of PUBG's players base was in the United States, with a further 19 percent originating in China.

How many players PUBG everyday? ›

PUBG Mobile users

PUBG Mobile has 30 million daily active players.

Is PUBG Mobile dying? ›

So, is PUBG dying? As a general platform, it might be, but PUBG Mobile is still relatively strong and enjoyed by millions. In November of 2021, the PUBG Mobile World Championship will begin, running through to January and boasting a prize pool worth $6 million.

Are Epic Games safe? ›

The Epic Store is about as safe as online marketplaces get. Whilst there is always a minor risk when using any kind of online store, Epic Games put a lot of time and money into making it a safe space to purchase.

Did Epic Games buy Fall Guys? ›

Epic Games acquired Fall Guys' parent company to boost the battle royale title further. As mentioned, Epic acquired Tonic Games Group, the company that owns Mediatonic Games, the creators of Fall Guys, all the way back in March 2021.

Is Fall Guys on IPAD? ›

At the moment, you cannot play Fall Guys on Android or iOS mobile devices. The game is not yet officially released for mobile. Thus, you will not find it in the Google Play Store or Apple's App Store. For now, the game is only available (for free) on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and the Nintendo Switch.

Who is PUBG Ka Baap? ›

Pubg is an online multiplayer battlegrounds game. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is the full name of the game. It was founded in 2017 by a South Korean business called Bluehole for those who play online games.

Which is no 1 game in world? ›

What PC Games Are People Playing Right Now?
Game titlePublisher
1.MinecraftMojang Studios
2.The Sims 4Electronic Arts
3.FortniteEpic Games
4.Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveValve
16 more rows

Is FF copy of PUBG? ›

Free Fire and Free Fire Max extensively copy numerous aspects of Battlegrounds, both individually and in combination, including Battlegrounds' copyrighted unique game-opening 'airdrop' feature, the game structure and play, the combination and selection of weapons, armour, and unique objects, locations, and the overall ...

Is Call of Duty bigger than Fortnite? ›

This is over 2 times the total number of players of Warzone, and does suggest that Fortnite is the more popular battle royale game. It's not just these statistics that suggest Fortnite is the more popular game, either. Based on Google Trends results, Fortnite is the most searched-for of the two games.

Is Apex bigger than Fortnite? ›

Apex Legends has rapidly become one of the most popular games on Twitch and beyond. But Apex Legends viewership is still behind Fortnite. Apex Legends viewership did rise in 2021, but Fortnite is still the most popular game in the Battle Royale genre.

Why is Fortnite easy now? ›

However, what has changed exactly, and why is it so easy now? During the past few updates, Epic Games have introduced a brand new skill-based matchmaking system that matches players according to their in-game MMR. Therefore, any new and returning players are met with easy opponents.


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